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Posted by California Smith from on August 08, 2001 at 14:23:55:

In Reply to: A word about the Alden Boot & Indy Gear in general posted by Rundquist on August 08, 2001 at 13:51:54:

: To those that are dismayed at the breakdown of where your
: dollar goes when you purchase Indy gear, I would suggest
: putting your anger and disgust into something more worthwhile,
: like writing your congressman or president about the problems
: of the world like the environment or overpopulation. The
: greenhouse effect has already started melting the polar icecaps.
: There is flooding in the Aleutian islands. This is no longer
: conjecture, it's fact. I feel like a bit of a crackpot for stating this on
: the fan forum. The point I'm trying to make is that Indy gear is
: supposed to be fun, and I think that anger should be saved for
: more worthwhile endeavors. Back to the Aldens. If you could
: actually pick up and examine an Alden, you would see that it is a
: shoe of extremely high quality, one for all intensive purposes that
: will last a lifetime if properly cared for. These aren't a pair of $100
: Nikes that are going to be done in a year. This being said, I
: would say that they are worth what you pay for them. If someone
: can't swing the price of them, than that's understandable. They're
: not cheap. I would however warn you that you should choose
: your footwear wisely. Searching for a pair of alternatives might
: take you on a road of costly disappointment. In general, Indy gear
: is expensive. Most of it is rare. You can't buy it all over the place.
: The other thing about Indy gear is that it is of high quality. High
: quality items cost more than average items, but are much more
: rugged and durable. Sometimes it pays to get the higher cost
: items because they will last longer, which make them a better
: value for the money. In some cases I started out buying cheaper
: gear and eventually had to re buy many items. It would have
: been cheaper to just buy the good stuff to begin with. I hope this
: wasn't too preachy and that I made a few points somewhere in
: this mess of a post. Cheers

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