Micah, are you gonna let Fedora get away with this foul language?

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Posted by Kent from dial114.insolwwb.net on August 08, 2001 at 18:45:22:

In Reply to: The old saw about getting what you pay for is true.... posted by Fedora on August 08, 2001 at 17:50:08:

: : To those that are dismayed at the breakdown of where your
: : dollar goes when you purchase Indy gear, I would suggest
: : putting your anger and disgust into something more worthwhile,
: : like writing your congressman or president about the problems
: : of the world like the environment or overpopulation. The
: : greenhouse effect has already started melting the polar icecaps.
: : There is flooding in the Aleutian islands. This is no longer
: : conjecture, it's fact. I feel like a bit of a crackpot for stating this on
: : the fan forum. The point I'm trying to make is that Indy gear is
: : supposed to be fun, and I think that anger should be saved for
: : more worthwhile endeavors. Back to the Aldens. If you could
: : actually pick up and examine an Alden, you would see that it is a
: : shoe of extremely high quality, one for all intensive purposes that
: : will last a lifetime if properly cared for. These aren't a pair of $100
: : Nikes that are going to be done in a year. This being said, I
: : would say that they are worth what you pay for them. If someone
: : can't swing the price of them, than that's understandable. They're
: : not cheap. I would however warn you that you should choose
: : your footwear wisely. Searching for a pair of alternatives might
: : take you on a road of costly disappointment. In general, Indy gear
: : is expensive. Most of it is rare. You can't buy it all over the place.
: : The other thing about Indy gear is that it is of high quality. High
: : quality items cost more than average items, but are much more
: : rugged and durable. Sometimes it pays to get the higher cost
: : items because they will last longer, which make them a better
: : value for the money. In some cases I started out buying cheaper
: : gear and eventually had to re buy many items. It would have
: : been cheaper to just buy the good stuff to begin with. I hope this
: : wasn't too preachy and that I made a few points somewhere in
: : this mess of a post. Cheers

: ...most of the time. A good case in point is a pair of Pivetta hiking boots that I purchased back in 1977 or 1978. At the time I thought the price to be outrageous, as $200.00 for a pair of boots in those days was really expensive. But, as I look at these boots today, it is one of the few bargains that I have come across in my lifetime. These boots have been through several pairs of Vibram soles, but the uppers are still intact. Of course, I have kept these buggers saturated in Sno Seal. I have always believed in taking care of my stuff, especially when I have to fork out the big bucks. As is my luck, this Italian company is no longer in existence, or they no longer distribute in this country. Regards, Fedora

Dear God. I never believed I would ever hear of anyone posting buggers on the forum.

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