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Posted by run of the mill from on November 30, 1998 at 08:37:11:

Is indy a playboy? well when i first watched the movies so many years ago i knew he was- no doubt. but after reading the books and listening to lucas and seeing the young indy chron. i realized that there is a lot more depth. the valentine episode of yijc shows a smitten indy and the books show him falling in love twice. but i think he was changed after diedre and alecia dunstin were killed. it made him fear getting to close. lucas says marion is indy's soulmate and i can see him settling down later in his life and i really hope he does in indy4. he is all about character. a playboy wouldn't marry a girl when he is only ~23 (diedre) i think he i s just a guy who does what he wants and if that means marriage or a fling so be it. like everything else he does he breaks the mold.

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