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Posted by Tim Wilson from on November 30, 1998 at 09:27:23:

The new issue of the UK movie magazine EMPIRE (Issue 115, January 1999) features in it's REEL NEWS section a one page article entitled "Will the real Indiana IV please stand up?" which chronologically lists all the various rumours surrounding the over-due sequel. Several photos feature in the piece as well as a highlighted quote from Spielberg ~ "The Indiana Jones hat is halfway on my head" July 1998. It states that five years after "Last Crusade" Harrison Ford let slip at the Venice Film Festival that he was reading scripts for a fourth movie. The first "installment" is November 11, 1994 indicating the sequel will be the Lost Continent with Sandra Bullock. It ends with EMPIRE contacting Paramount in November 1998 for a final word and a spokesperson says "For all I know, they may all be on the verge of signing contracts, but since no public announcement has been made, officially there is no Indiana Jones IV".


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