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Posted by Brisco from on February 12, 1998 at 23:23:40:

In Reply to: Indy Novels posted by Swashbuckler on February 12, 1998 at 11:12:48:

Well, to answer the your more subjective questions, my favorite Indy author is Max McCoy followed closely by Rob MacGregor. Martin Caiden is far behind. McCoy's books I find to be the closest to the feel of the movies. Dinosaur Eggs is the stupidest title ever to follow "Indiana Jones and..." but it's a good book, until the very end, at least. Hollow Earth was an all around good read. But Philosopher's Stone was by far the best of all of the Indy books. It is an excellent, excellent Indy story, and you won't put it down. I'm EAGERLY awaiting Secret of the Sphinx, which is unfortunately the final novel of the Bantam series, not just McCoy's run. :( All of McCoy's books are must-reads for any Indy fans. MacGregor's are also very good. It is important that you read all of MacGregor's in order, and all of McCoy's in order. Both authors wove recurring subplots throughout their series. I really didn't like Caiden's Sky Pirates. It took me forever to slog through. It had good parts, but they were few and far between. It was not an Indy-like adventure at all. Why hire an archeologist to lead a team of pilots to investigate UFOs? Honestly, I bought White Witch when it came out but never bothered to read it. Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend all of the McCoy books, and the MacGregor ones as well. McCoy does make some references to Young Indy, and many to the movies, introducing us to characters like Sallah, Wu-Han, Lao Che, and Belloq.

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