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Posted by Jim from on December 07, 1998 at 12:57:26:

In Reply to: Re: Indy's revolver in raiders posted by Michaelson on December 07, 1998 at 08:56:42:

: : : : : : : I checked out the diggs site recommended hear but I don't think they mentioned which of the three model N models it was that he used, (in raiders). One model had checkered grips and a shroud for the ejector, one had no shroud for the ejoctor and smooth grips, and one had a shroud for the ejector and smooth grips. I've written them in the order in which they were produced. Does any one know which model it is he used. (I don't have it on tape other wise I'd just check it myself). Thanks.

: : : : : : : Jim

: : : : : : The revolver has the appearance of a shroud with the smooth grips. You get a very clear look at the left side of the model N-frame when he shoots the lock apart on the side of the flying wing, as well as the grips when he throws the replacement revolver into his suit case. One thing though, I don't recall the Triple Lock of Smith and Wesson ever being offered with checkered grips. Those weren't offered until the first .357 mag. was introduced in 1935. Though the N-frames didn't all have a shroud, as did the .357 N-frame, they did all indeed have the ejector rod lock at the end of the barrel, effectively protecting the rod from bending and appearing to have the full shroud, unlike the Colt, whose ejector rods hung out there to hang up on just about anything. Hope this helps. Regards. Michaelson

: : : :
: : : : : : There is a good close shot of the pistol in Raiders: Indy's home and he removes it from a rag wrapping, handles it and then throws it into the suitcase. Pause on the pistol in his hand- it clearly shows the left profile of the pistol. I am no expert, but it appears to have the small version of the ejector lock/shroud thing and a patterned grip (surrounded by an outline border within the whole grip.) belloq

: : :
: : : : : A couple of questions for N-frame triple lock pistol experts: Is the caliber and model/year known with any certainty? Also, what would be the typical cost and source for a used arm of this vintage (gun shows, magazines, online??) Thanks. belloq

: : : The best source I can quote from was a question that was asked in a 1989 Guns and Ammo regarding the Indy weapons. Garry James, current editor of G & A , and at that time Q & A writer for the magazine stated that the N Frame triple lock Smith and Wesson from Raiders was a 38-44 caliber, allowing for the loading of the Hollywood 5-in-1 blank in .38 caliber. The Colt from T of D was the New Service in .45 ACP, and the third being the Webley .455 converted to the .45 ACP. These last two were also loaded with the .45 cal. 5-in-1 blanks. Regards. Michaelson

: : Michaelson,
: : What are 5-in-1 blanks? do the numbers refer to the blanks
: : themselves or how many are loaded (one chamber left empty?) or what?
: : Also, I rented raiders this weekend and I found that there is a good
: : view of the revlover just after the truck he thinks Marion is in
: : explodes. It looks like it does have a shroud. Also according to
: : the 98 smith guns mag the triple lock was offered with checkered
: : grips and shroud. then they started the hand ejector second model
: : which had smooth grips and didn't have the lock on the crane (it
: : was expensive to machine that lock) then they offered a hand ejector
: : third model in which it again had the third lock. I don't have the
: : mag here in front of me as I use a computer at the college. I don't
: : remember the dates for all the variations. You can get a copy from
: : smith and wesson or if you like I can try and get it scanned
: : It's in the article about the N-frames. None of the guns I use
: : are cut for grips, can you use half and full moon clips
: : interchangably? thanks again

: : Jim

: Hi Jim. 5-in-1 blanks refer to the power "squib" that is loaded into the single round, the lower number squib loads, the lower power of the sound. 5 is is maximum number of squibs that can be hand loaded into a single round. They'r actually pretty powerful, as you might remember, there was an actor many years ago who was fooling around with a Smith .44 mag, and playfully put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, knowing it was just full a blanks. A dumb move regardless of what you think is or is not in a gun. Anyway, the 5-in-1 load drove the blank seal ( the round cardboard crimp pushed into the end of the brass to hold the squibs) through his brain, killing him instantly. Not an item to play with. The Triplelock was an excellent design, but like you pointed out, a bit on the expensive side to produce. Ironically, Ruger now has incorporated that design into their revolvers, though different, the same front lock that hold the cylinder at three points when the trigger is at full rear travel. Smith was ahead of it's time, again. And yes, the half and full moon clips are interchangable. Thanks for the tip on the booklet. I'll check that out. Regards. Michaelson

Thanks again. Jim

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