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Posted by Dale Dassel from on February 14, 1998 at 13:58:39:

Today I cajoled my father into being a human target holder
for my whip practice. It's the first human target I've had in a
few years. I read in David Morgan's book about how to split styrofoam plates and such in half with a bullwhip. So, with
my twelve foot model I confidently swung a few loosening swings
before getting down to it. Then I played the length of the whip out behind me. I lined up my target, a styrofoam tray held at
arm's length and told my dad to stand still. I swung a graceful
liquid-smooth arc forward and with a light CRACK! the foam
magically split in two and spiraled away into the air. One
successful step!!! On the second try I clipped off a corner of
the tray. Then I instructed dad to hold the remaining, greater
portion higher. I followed through, splitting it in half as before, but not before grazing dad's finger. It didn't even
break the skin, but he renounced his title of amateur whip
voulenteer right there on the spot. So, my question is this:
How do all of us amateur whipcrackers get good without any

P.S.-Prior to this event, I have been using whips for five or
six years. I started when I was thirteen. :)


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