So where's this young Indy game?

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Posted by The Northlander from on February 21, 1998 at 00:39:57:

In Reply to: Consider this... posted by Dale Dassel on February 18, 1998 at 00:35:35:

: : : : : Then, when the duo are trying to steal Conroy Bumpus'
: : : : : toupee, Sam switches the mannequin head with a Conroy Bumpus
: : : : : eggplant head likeness in classic Raiders fashion, wearing a
: : : : : leather jacket and fedora. Then the pedestal sinks and suction
: : : : : cup darts shoot out of the wall at him!!! Isn't LucasArts the
: : : : : best???

: : : : LucasArts is not the best. If they were the best they would put out at least one Indy adventure game for every two or three Star Wars games. Then I would agree that they are the best!

: : : : -Northy-

: : : Well, actually I meant that particular game. I did write to
: : : LucasArts in San Rafael regarding a sequel and some ideas I
: : : thought would be good to see in such a sequel. They wrote
: : : back saying that they had no current plans for another Indy
: : : game in this format, though that does not rule out the possibility
: : : of such a game. There is hope... But what of that cryptic note
: : : at the end of Fate of Atlantis, that said Indy would be back as
: : : a much younger man? Still no word on that....

: : : Dale

: : It's pretty obvious that the end message was talking about the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series. Consider the time the game came out!

: : -Northy-

: That could be true... but why put an ad for the Young Indy show
: at the very end of a computer game? There were plenty of commercials
: on tv to bring awareness to the public. And besides, LucasArts and
: Lucasfilm, though affiliated, don't work closely. The first one
: makes computer games, and the second movies and television shows.
: There's no need for LucasArts to pitch tv commercials. Besides, why
: be so cryptic and NOT say "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" on
: the game, when the majority of the Indy-following public knows
: darn good and well what the name of the show is. It's no big secret.
: I firmly believe that they were referring to a computer game that
: they had in the works at the time, but for some reason, decided not
: to release based on public demand of such a game, or current Indy
: game sales. Any other theories? I'd be willing to discuss them. But
: until anybody has any better ideas, that's what I'm sticking with.

: -Dale

I see what you're saying, but I'm sure if WE knew about Young Indy, so did the LucasArts progrmmers. I think it was just a fun little (intentionally cryptic) nod towards the TV show. In my mind it's the only thing that makes sense, so I'll stick with it. Besides, even if it WAS a potential game (which I won't believe until someone proves it to me beyond any doubt), we haven't seen it yet and never will. It seems like Indy IS dead as far as Lucasfilm and Lucas Arts go, even if we fans still care about the character...


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