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Subject: ****The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular****

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Name: Indy Anna Jones
Date: November 10, 1997 at 14:09:21
Homepage: Dark Sith Lord Xayez's (Thats me) Humble Abode on the Imperial Holonet
Subject: ****The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular****
OK, I just got back from a 5 day trip to Disney World (in Florida)! It was really sucky 'cept 4 MGM Studios!!!! LOL! There it had the Star Wars ride- Star Tours- which was OK, but its gift shop is second 2 no one!!!!! Next 2 that is the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. Oh, what a show!!!!!!!! It was based on ROTLA and they did the boulder and fighting and even blew up a nazi truck! It was HILAROUS!!!! Best show I ever did C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went 2 the first show of the day and liked it so much I stayed and watched ALL of them. The Indy giftshop sucked, though. Besides whips and hats it was all fake snakes and T-shirts... I wanted 2 remember the show so I bought a coin (a very nice one, might I add!). If U can't watch the movies, this is the next best thing!!!! I mean, it was GOOD!!!!!!

***Indy Anna Jones***
(Snewy Anna Blue! LOL)

"You have your father's eyes."
"And my mother's ears. But the rest is all yours."
"Looks like the good parts are already spoken for."

Hey, what doese Elsa know?!? She's just a dumb nazi. I think there R a few more good parts...

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