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Subject: Re: Indy posters (Forbidden Eye)

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Name: Brisco
Date: October 26, 1997 at 14:02:51
Subject: Re: Indy posters (Forbidden Eye)
I just saw this thread in the vault; I'd missed it before. Someone was looking for three Indy posters by Drew Struzan, the Pepsi one, a Young Indy one, and one for the ride "Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye." I've never heard of these last two. Does the "Forbidden Eye" one use Harrison Ford's likeness? I thought they couldn't do that for the ride? And I've never seen a Struzan Young Indy one; the only YIJC poster I've ever seen is a photo poster of Sean Patrick Flannery. What is depicted on this poster? I would be most interested in acquiring such a poster.

Response Number 1
Name: Deirdre Jones
Date: October 28, 1997 at 11:10:01
Subject: Re: Indy posters (Forbidden Eye)
Hi Matt,

The poster of the "Forbidden Eye" has a wonderful likeness of Harrison Ford. When you see it, you know who you are looking at. I'm planning a Disneyland trip within the next month. When I go, I'm going to check on the availablity of the poster (if people are interested).

And the only 'poster' presay of Sean Patrick Flannery I have seen by Drew was on the cover to the Young Indy Videos from Europe.


Response Number 2
Name: Adam
Date: October 28, 1997 at 20:03:38
Subject: Re: Indy posters (Forbidden Eye)
The "Forbidden Eye" poster is available for sale at Disneyland...I bought mine for $25.00. If you happen to go to Disneyland itself, go to the Art gallery -- it's on the second floor of a New Orleans-style building complex over the "Pirates of the Carribbean". Ask any of the salesmen there and they can help.

Every few weeks there's a new exhibition, but even if the print isn't on display, you still might be able to buy it.

I actually saw a "Forbidden Eye" gallery there, featuring a lot of the original designs and artwork. Drew Struzan's original painting was there -- amazing, the level of detail and color he puts into his work.

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