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Subject: IJ revolver(s)

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Name: Michaelson
Date: November 11, 1997 at 13:05:04
Subject: IJ revolver(s)
I have never seen this topic discussed, so I wanted to ask a question of the group... why has Indy now been connected with the Webley Mark VI .455 revolver, as seen in the 3rd movie, and consistantly throughout the novels? When we first met him, he began with a Smith and Wesson triple lock .44/.45 revolver (well, actually a 38-44 for the .38 cal. 4-in-one blanks). This made sense to me, considering that should we, as the audience think this S&W was a .45 model 1917,and would use the same ammunition as his Colt .45 pistol. Same ammunition for both guns,less weight to carry. And since the 1917, or even the triple lock ,was a WWI issue gun, even to the Allies, it would make sense that Indy would be familiar with it with his war experience in Europe. Indy II had with him, though briefly, a Colt New Service .45 revolver. Same reasoning, same ammunition, same excuse. WWI gun experience. Then all of a sudden, he appears with this Webley in Indy III. Heavier weapon in weight, a .455 round, difficult ammunication to obtain outside of a British controlled area, excellent knockdown, but little less than the .45. If I were an all around world traveler, probably the LAST weapon I would pick to carry all the time, unless as a backup club, would be the Webley. I know, I've owned both Smith and Webley revolvers, and neither are a joy to carry after many hours on a trail. Any thoughts on this subject? It's just strange after two outings, all of a sudden the Webley gets the nod from writers, both movie and book when there's no logical reason for the appearence for the gun. Any thoughts? Regards

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