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Subject: It's the Funtastic Return of....

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Name: KENT Brockmaaaaan!
Date: November 10, 1997 at 00:15:17
Subject: It's the Funtastic Return of....
Good Morning Springfield! Just got back from a three week jaunt in the Happiest Place On Earth - TIJAUNA!! Ha! Ha! I peppered my time with such delectible Mexicana treasures such as cheap whores and booze!

On my Indy Jonsin' front: I was recently trying to buy frames for my TSR map/posters (that Temple of Doom one is pretty cool - had to buy two packs so I can have both sides of it framed) and had no luck whatsoever! Apparently no one makes a frame for it's dimensions whatever it may be. Odd huh?

Well, after looking at the board, it seems the current Indy-well dry up HAS been taking it's toll. Thanks to the cancellations of Dark Horse comics and more recently the novels it appears the only true subjects we have to ponder are the Indy 4 rumors (which will no doubt go on forever and for those of us who would like to be suprised will have to avoid at every cost), and the release of widescreen tapes and tv shows. I, for one propose more fan-fiction. My freind seems to have abandoned his 007 Meets Jones story, but I got a few sprinkles of ideas in my head for Indy stories. I just want to see what the popular vote will be?

Anyway, sleep well children and be sure to look for the new book, "The Simpsons: The Complete Guide To Our Favorite Family" - an episode guide with many fine quotes (but not nearly enough from) your truly!

"Are cartoons too violent for children? Most people would say, 'No, of course not! What kind of stupid question is that?'"

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