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Posted by MIKE on August 25, 1997 at 00:05:16:

In Reply to: Re: Indy Making of Videos posted by Adam on August 24, 1997 at 12:42:52:

: : Anyone know where I can but the making of Indy 3 and other Indy stunt videos. They're not avail here in the UK. Any advice will be greatly apreciated.

: : I have the Making of Raiders as part of the widescreen video set.

: : Thanks...

: There have been a variety of INDY-making of programs, with only a few released on videocassette.

: Ironically, the widescreen INDY TRILOGY package you mentioned for laserdisc has only been released in the U.K. Though widescreen laserdiscs of all films are available in the U.S. separately, the special boxed set you mentioned hasn't been published here...

: I've seen it in a store in Hammersmith, England, and it's beautiful: A box with the INDY logo on a weathered-looking sandstone background. It's a shame that they haven't done this packaging here yet.

: There is, sadly, only a special packaging INDY-trilogy box set made for American-VHS video and not laserdisc. The U.S. artwork differs from the one released on the English PAL video package; the U.S. box featured the Drew Struzan "Indy" portrait from the LAST CRUSADE teaser, while the U.K. package featured a new artwork on the collective "spine" of eack INDY video (similar to the starship Enterprise spine artwork when you have all the STAR TREK videos placed back-to-back). The English INDY video set has a really cool painting of Indy brandishing his bullwhip, looking really mean and pissed off...It looks more like the way Ford did in RAIDERS (with more stubble and a darker expression) than in the sequels.

: As towards your question, first you must remember that American video cassettes ("NSTC" video, or something like that) are NOT compatitble with European "PAL" format video cassettes, unless you have a special kind of player that can play BOTH. Some professional places are able to transfer one format to another, but it's usually expensive...and sometimes they don't do it if the video in question is a copyrighted program, due to copyright laws.

: The difference between the US and European videos is subtle; though the cassettes are identical in size and appearance, the size of the actual magnetic tape and recording speed differ, largely due to the differences in power outlets in Europe and America. So if you try to play a PAL video on an American VCR, the picture will look very askew -- as though someone has completely readjusted the "tracking" dial.

: In this case, I'd reccommend that you contact English-based video production companies. Paramount, I think, has a video manufacturing company in England. If you want to try contacting Paramount in America for more information (just SPECIFY you need a PAL format tape) you can try them at: PARAMOUNT PICTURES, (at either the VIDEO MANUFACTURING DEPT. or THE STUDIO STORE), 5555 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA, USA.

: But the BEST -- and easiest -- thing to do is to contact a major local video store. They order videos on a weekly basis, so surely they would be able to give you the address and specifics as to where to contact, and how to order special videos not in stock.

: Only three MAKING OF programs are available on video:

: THE MAKING OF RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK; a documentary broadcast in the USA on PBS stations in 1981/82...pretty good, with some candid stuff by the actors, etc... The documentary was originally a 16mm film.

: GREAT MOVIE STUNTS: RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK; a special aired on ABC in 1981 after the release of the film. It's hosted by Harrison Ford, and features some of the material used in the PBS documentary. The focus, however, is primarily upon the stuntwork in RAIDERS and films before it.

: **NOTE** This documentary was released along with THE MAKING OF RAIDERS special onto one single videocassette by Paramount (first in 1983 with the video release of RAIDERS, and then re-issued in 1990 with the video release of CRUSADE), and these are what you probably have on laserdisc.

: GREAT ADVENTURERS AND THEIR QUESTS: INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE; a one-hour CBS special hosted by Dennis Weaver (DUEL) upon LAST CRUSADE'S release in 1989. The focus is not so much on the making of the film (though a lot of material on this is included), but on modern-day adventurers keeping in tone with the INDY theme of adventure... This has also been released for sale on videocassette by Paramount in the USA.


: THE MAKING OF INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. A one-hour documentary broadcast on PBS in 1984, a lot like the documentaries on the making of RAIDERS and the STAR WARS films. (I used to have this on tape, but DAMN...I recorded ROMANCING THE STONE over it years ago!) You might want to write to Paramount Pictures or PBS to see if they might be able to sell you a copy of this program. Very often the cable stations can provide either copies (at high prices) of the programs, or refer you to other places where you can buy it.

: Excerpts of this documentary were also used in the NICKELODEON CHANNEL's "LIGHTS...CAMERA...ACTION!" television series, hosted by Leonard Nimoy in 1984. It was a one-hour special, dealing a little with TEMPLE and a LOT with STAR TREK III (can't think why!).

: AND, MTV also showed a special "ANYTHING GOES" video of the Japanese version of the tune sung by Kate Capshaw, in 1984. This had both film footage and behind-the-scenes stuff interplayed with the music.

: Also, MTV aired a one-hour INDIANA JONES SERIES SPECIAL in 1989, shortly before the release of LAST CRUSADE. It featured pretty candid stuff of the filmmakers and actors in all the films. MTV might provide a copy of the program if you contact them.

: INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF THE FORBIDDEN EYE: a half-hour CBS special which premiered before the showing of LAST CRUSADE in 1993, co-inciding with the opening of the DISNEYLAND RIDE. It featured RAIDERS alums Karen Allen and John Rhys-Davies reprizing their roles, looking at the new expedition Indy has uncovered. Allen (Marion), wearing far too much blush on her cheeks, goes for a little bumpy ride in one of the jeeps. This program might be available either by contacting CBS or THE DISNEY CHANNEL.

: Well...I hope you guys find this information useful! Tell me, do I know my INDY trivia or WHAT?!?

: Heh heh....

I think you forgot one. Didn't they have something called Heroes and their sidekicks? This was done around Temple of Doom and showed many clips of Indy with short round

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