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Posted by Adam on August 25, 1997 at 12:53:15:

In Reply to: Re: Indy IV posted by Andrew on August 22, 1997 at 11:49:30:

: : I don't think Indy 4 will ever be made. I just hope that my prediction is wrong. ;)

: : But hey - It won't be the same Indiana Jones anymore no matter how much ones think the script qualities are. Mr. Ford is not as a young adventurous rogue anymore. Best thing is to leave Indiana riding off into his sunset. And keeps our memory of him unbarnish.

: : At my last research, not two but three main party ( Ford, Spelbierg. Lucas') Will not have the time nor the schedule to bring fruitation to the next series. Mr. Ford's age is getting closer to 60. unless they can pull it off next year when he is 56 even then Ford still has 3 more movies which are already booked all the way to the year 2000. Lucas will be busy with his Star Wars prequels, and Steven will be too busy bringing his Dreamworks SKG into light. Of all that said, it is still unlikely that Harrison can re-carry the character to whom who all know as Indiana Jones at his age. Unless of course a real drastic change-over from his role is released to other younger actor. Ford is fond of Brad Pit - I think Brad or Michael Bien ( Terminator, Aliens 2) should be the only two that can replace Ford, If it must - ( Batman or James Bond anyone? - NOT!!) Not that the series would be popular as it was with Harrison. Indiana Jones is - Harrison Ford period. without him there is no I.J.
: : Harrison Ford is also - Blade Runner, which is why Ridley Scott is fighting from the studio heads of making a direct sequel. Mr. Ford is irreplaceable. That's IMHO.

: : Just my 2 cent - And If I am wrong - I will be the first in line! ;)

: : - Don.

: To quote Rick McCallum, "People may say that [Indy 4] will never happen, but it will." Fact is, Lucas has said that he plans to work on other projects while he makes the prequels, and it is possible for Ford to do two movies around the same time. It's been done before. I think the picture will be made, but it will probably be a while before anything gets filmed.

True. I can't say anything that will make my sources seem anything but ambiguous, but INDIANA JONES 4 WILL BE MADE...

And I disagree with your statement as to how old Ford is getting that he can't play Indy anymore. Yes, he's older -- a week older than my father! Yes, those wrinkles are getting more defined. But didn't you see him in A.F.O. whereby he was being reeled into a flying airplane like a fish on a rod? Or how Cary Grant, at 54, was climbing the faces of Mt. Rushmore and outrunning killer cropdusting planes in "North by Northwest"? Or how two other stars -- Connery and Eastwood -- can still get away with anything, even in their upper sixties?

One thing you've said is that Indy was a "young adventurous rogue". This is completely incorrect. He was NEVER a young adventurous rogue. In RAIDERS, he's just about to push forty (I think the script said he was about 38, and that was also Ford's age during the shooting), and already he seems to be an older, wiser, almost battle-weary soldier of fortune in the latter days of his prime.

And when, eight years later, Ford did LAST CRUSADE, he was already 46, and playing Indy only two years older than before in RAIDERS. Though I would have preferred to have had the film take place in 1944 (and not 1938) and stay true to Ford's age, it was still believeable. (Unlike STAR TREK -- THE MOTION PICTURE, whereby special gels were used to make the actors' faces appear younger. The effect did not work.)

The key factor to make the new film work is to not try to shave Ford's age. Indy HAS to be older, and this needs to be incorporated into the storyline. It would give a lot of dramatic weight to the plot, and a sense of mortality to the normally indescructible Jones.

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