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Posted by Bryan on August 25, 1997 at 17:49:07:

In Reply to: New IJ novel -inside scoop posted by Ultra Seven 21 on August 25, 1997 at 14:19:14:

: At the SDCC show this year, West End Games informed me that Bantam has
: dropped their licensed rights to the Indiana Jones novels, and after
: "Secret of the Sphinx", which is by Max McCoy, there will be no more.
: It is a terrible shame, seeing as these all were very fine books compared
: to the crap Lucas is pushing with Star Wars logos on it! NONE of the IJ
: novels were that bad!!

: As for the authors, MacGregor was unquestionably best. None of his books
: lacked any detail, and the plots were fine (his first book was slowest).
: McCoy made NO impression on me with "Philosopher's Stone", except to say that
: was better than Dark Horse's comic of the same subject, "Iron Pheonix"
: (which was supposed to be based on a LucasArts game, anybody know what
: happened to that?).

: I feel Martin Caidin takes an uneccessisarily good floggin here and from
: other fans that I've talked to. "Sky Pirates" was terrific, a great way to
: explain why Indy could "Fly, yes. Land? No!". It remains one of hte best
: Indy stories ever created because it is so refreshing and a little different.
: "White Which" wasn't that bad. The only things I didn't like were it's
: lack of scenes with villains and Indy's encountering them (I think both of
: Caiden's books were heavily edited by Bantam, creating his reason to
: depart after just two of them. So I'm sure the scenes WERE THERE, and
: got chopped for paperback worthy space).

: To date, I count Philospher's Stone and MacGregor's weak "Genesis Deluge"
: (really anticlimactic - one of hte most disappointing endings I've ever
: faced in any medium!) as the worst of the books. My top three are "Seven Viels",
: "Sky Pirates", "Dinosaur's Eggs", and then the rest of the MacGregor novels,
: with "White Witch" thrown into the mix there somewhere.

: Anyway, thanks a lot all - keep em coming!

: PS: Anyone remember a way old Indy J PC-game with
: an original storyline, but using TOD graphics?
: It came out circa 1985 and came in a small binder,
: was about 50$ I think. What WAS it?
The game your referring to was called Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom. It had some pretty bad graphics. The cover was the poster of Temple with Indy standing in the entrance to the ancient temple with a machete in his hand. I have that game, but it's on 51/4 so I haven't got a chance to convert it to 3 1/2 disks. I'm just curious how it would work with a C64 emulator.
Back to the books. It's funny, but the one's you mentioned as the worst were actually my faves, and the ones you mentioned as your faves were the ones I disliked most. Funny, huh.

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