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Posted by Adam on August 26, 1997 at 09:14:28:

In Reply to: Indy IV posted by Anonymous on August 20, 1997 at 17:41:25:

: I personally think if anyone should play Indiana Jones again it should be Sean Patrick Flanery. He was just terrific on the the Young Indy TV show, especially in the drama scenes, where his skills excell (just take a look at his performance in POWDER - jeez, talk about under-rated!). A lot of people ragged on him because, no he doesn't look a lot like Harrison Ford, and 2, not many of the episodes were written with that physical action-hero quality in mind. Thankfully, that turned out to be the show's stregnth. If it HAD tried that, it would have came across as a lame wannabe' and people would have hated it even more than they already did! But Flanery stuck in there, all the way to the end he was game. And he did it just right - he not only infused Indy with humanistic qualities that Ford wasn't given the oppurtunity to do, Flanery DID manage to capture the charming qualities that Ford gave us to love about Indy! Take a look at any of the mroe comical themed episodes and you'll see what I mean there.
: Flanery was fine, and I'd be well satisfied if the enxt Indy movie was a YOUNG INDY movie. It would probably come off better than having Ford try to convince us he's still capaable of being an action hereo (I can't even bring myself to go and watch AIR FORCE ONE)!

Well, I agree and disagree here. Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones are practically inseparable, and not only would I not want another actor to play Indy, but I would consider not even SEEING the movie if it didn't have Ford.

Perhaps a large reason why the YOUNG INDY series didn't take off like many predicted it would was because of this fact. Hell, even I -- a huge Indy fan -- didn't watch the series after a few episodes. And it's not that I felt the shows were bad by any means....I just couldn't picture an INDY played by anyone other than Ford. To see a young, "gosh-golly-gee-wiz" Carrier play a ten-year old Indy ruined it for me. And to see an older actor playing an elderly Jones (looking more like John Ford than Indiana Jones) was damn traumatic...

I didn't even enjoy the River Pheonix young Indy segment in LAST CRUSADE...I always skip that intro and go right to the "movie" when I watch it at home. When I first saw the sequence in the theater, I was dumbfounded -- why would Indy have REALLY long, bleched hair...or have what was clearly one of his ears pierced? (The latter is not a joke reference to Ford's recent earring.) I couldn't help but tell myself, "this is a precocious River Phoenix, and NOT Indiana Jones..."

Well, to be honest, I agree with you as far as Flanery. I think he's a good actor (I hated POWDER -- too many pediphilia references and innuendos -- but thought Flanery was quite good), and he seemed more mature and at ease in the role than Phoenix did. (Don't get me wrong -- the late Phoenix was a magnificent actor.) It's hard to believe that he's actually 32 years old now...he looks about ten years younger than that.

But only Ford would -- and could -- draw audiences to see INDY again. Frankly, I'd pay good money to see him fighting social-security agents in "INDY 25" as long as Ford agreed to make it...though I'd think twice before I bought the action figure in the toy store.

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