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Posted by Adam on August 27, 1997 at 02:34:57:

Okay guys...the first one to correctly answer ALL these questions can win a date with my imaginary friend for an well as proving your INDY stamina!!!

A. The submarine in RAIDERS was originally built and used for a multi-award-winning classic German war film released the same year. What was it? (Nah, that's just TOO was DAS BOOT/THE BOAT.)
1. What were the serial numbers on the top of the sub?
2. Where was the Nazi sub base sequence filmed?
3. The BIG question -- what was the NAME of the sub itself?

B. In the RAIDERS intro, we meet Jock the seaplane pilot...what was his pet snake's name? (Nah, THAT one's too easy! We ALL know it was Reggie!)
1. What were the serial markings on the plane?
2. The actor who played Jock worked as a pilot on another film with RAIDERS producer Frank Marshall. What was it?
3. The BIG question -- what is Jock's LAST name? (No, it ain't "Jock The-Sea-Pirate"!)

C. What was the name of Marion's father? (Nah, THAT'S too easy! We all know it's ABNER RAVENWOOD!)
1. How did Abner die?
2. What year did Abner die?
3. Indy had Abner as a teacher at what University?

D. Marion Ravenwood is played by which actress? (Nah, that's too -- oh, forget it! KAREN ALLEN...yah yah....)
1. How old (young) was Marion when she and Indy fell in love? (NOTE: This is answered by the script and the novel. It's not designed to reflect Ms. Allen's actual age in the film.)
2. What was the name of Marion's bar in Nepal?
3. In what TOWN was this bar located? (Yes, there's an actual NAME.)
4. How did Marion "inherit" the bar?
5. What was the name of Marion's assistant?

E. The villians...oooh...aaah...
1. What is Belloq's FIRST NAME?
2. What is Toht's FIRST name?
3. What is the name of Dietrich's (Wolf Kahler) personal aide?
4. TRICKY QUESTION: The actor who PLAYED Dietrich's aide was also the LEAD villian in a Spielberg-produced film...what was it?

F. The character actors.
1. Producer Frank Marshall has a small cameo in the film. Who does he play?
2. THE HARDEST QUESTION I CAN THINK BOTH ACTORS (yup, there's more than one) who play more than one credited role in RAIDERS, and the different characters they each played.
3. Actor Alfred Malona (sp?), of the movie SPECIES, played which trecherous Peruvian guide in the beginning of RAIDERS? (HINT: This is a trick question.)

I will wait until SUNDAY NIGHT before I post all the answers. Good luck, adventurers...

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