Indiana Jones FYF books - complete lowdown

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Posted by Ultra Seven 21 on August 27, 1997 at 04:29:48:

In Reply to: Re: Indiana Jones find your fate adventures books posted by Adam on August 27, 1997 at 01:39:32:

Actually, the information given is only half correct. The first run by Ballantine consisted of eleven books, labeled #1-9 and
16 and 17 (the gaps were to make room for James Bond, which are even harder to find, but are pretty good nontheless - if you want
info for those too, just ask). The second major print consisted of only four of
the books and were NOT released for the Disney ride, but to cash in on the popularity of the author that wrote the particular
entries: RL Stine, the 'Goosebumps' creator (it's his name put to the cover, not the usual Indy logo).

The four reprints are easy to find at major books stores still, or can be bought at the Disneyland store. The others need to be
sought out at used stores or especially a good convention. The only book I am missing is number 6, "IJ and the Legion Of Death".

The rest of the titles are (and the reprints for Stine are marked *):

Indiana Jones and the...

1. Curse of Horror Island*
2. Tresure of Sheba (the most well written)
3. Giants of the Silver Tower*
4. Eye of the Fates
5. Cup of the Vampire (Dracula to be exact, another good one)
6. The Legion of Death (can anyone get me a mint copy?)
7. The Curse of the Mummy's Crypt* (the worst!!!)
8. Dragon of Vengeance (hilariously bad - esp his encounter with Hitler!)
9. Gold of Ghengis Kahn
16. The Ape Slaves of Howling Island * (better than you'd think - who can resist that title?)
17. The Mask of the Elephant (nother funny one).

Good luck finding them (and if ANYONE can get me a copy of no 6 - I'll...I'll...well, you don't
wanna know how far I'll go - but post if you got it and are willing to give,sell,trade!!!)

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