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Posted by Ultra 7 / 21 on August 27, 1997 at 04:52:00:

In Reply to: Re: Indy IV posted by Don Stapp on August 27, 1997 at 01:01:35:

I love it guys!

A story I'd like to have seen on YIJ (I can always dream it, or write it myself and throw it all over this damn net as an un-made script and get my ass sued, or bought out, by LFL)...where was I?
Oh yeah - Old Indy is trying to tell a younger family kid about the time he recovered the ark...but the kid is in bed and bored and wants nothing more than to read a comic book! So Indy has to
make up a story on the spot and make it ...hmm... fancy.
Script shifts to Sean Patrick Flanery and Ronny Couttier as futuristic space-cadets!! (of course, the adventures of General Defense and Sidekick titles are in order). What follows is a cheap, but
energetic hour telling how they saved the universe a'la Flash Gordon! It could have been loaded with CGI ships of old-fashion design, recolored in techni-color, and have made for the only logically
done 'Indy in the future' story all at once! Think fo the fun they would have had making it!!!

Anyway... I can dream....

As for Indy 4: hmm - I like the idea of mixing Harry Ford AND Sean Patrick Flanery. It was an idea
I had entertained before, and thought the story might have to run like MacGregor's 1st novel, where
the younger Indy is seeing himself in the future (but I can't imagine what kind of drama might build
around that). My other fix was an age-weary (even adventure-weary, or just plain exhausted) Indiana
has to try and remember a key element from his young adulthood years, as the entire flux for the
resolution of a plot (or mystery) and of course, EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON IT!

"Jock! Start the plane. JOCK!"


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