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Posted by Adam on August 27, 1997 at 09:01:58:

In Reply to: Re: THE TSR INDIANA JONES GAMES posted by Bryan on August 27, 1997 at 06:35:35:

: Did you read the Marvel Comics series? Some of them were very good. I think I've got them all. My collection ends at #34. However, I've read conflicting reports saying the series actually ran until #35. Do you know anything about this? It's kind of strange, because #34 never mentioned anything about it being a last issue .
: BTW, I would love to get a set of those pewter figurines as well. Do you remember that the TSR game always came with cut-out figures and vehicles? I loved putting those things together, and I've still got most of them stored away in a box at home. Next time I'm there, I'll have to find them.


The series ended on issue #34. In the last few months, the series was dwindling (both in sales and in quality) so they published them only once every two months...

As to the strange issue #35, it was never published. What is really confusing is that MARVEL catalogues list the series as ending on #35, when in fact it was never made.

I had a friend during high school who worked in a comics store, and he found out this information for me.

Issue #35 was designed to be the last comic book, giving some sort of resolution to the series. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T READ THE SERIES.) If you remember, Marion walked out on Indy several issues before, promising never to return. The last Marvel issue was supposed to reconcile Indy and Marion back together again...

Rumor has it that the issue was cancelled for two reasons: 1. The series was selling so badly by that point, that MARVEL just gave up 2. LUCASFILM got cold feet at the 11th hour of reuniting Indy and Marion for the "final issue", being that future films might have a different love interest.

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