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Posted by Adam on August 27, 1997 at 09:29:32:

In Reply to: RAIDERS TRIVIA CONTEST! WHO CAN SOLVE 'EM? posted by Adam on August 27, 1997 at 02:34:57:

Damn this message board! It's addictive!!!

Well, I had so much fun posting the FIRST RAIDERS TRIVIA that I had to ADD a little more here...

If anyone can correctly answer ALL of these questions (in both I and II), then not only will you win a date with my imaginary friend for an evening...but you can KEEP my imaginary friend!!!

Just so you know, my imaginary friend is pretty hot!


1. Indy and Marion were in love a long time ago before the events of RAIDERS, and it ended pretty badly...How old was INDY when he and Marion got it on -- er, were in love?

2. What is SALLAH's FULL NAME?

3. What is the name of Sallah's wife? (As far as I know, he only had one.)

4. What kind of snake was Reggie, Jock's pet?

5. What is the name of the old arab astrologer Sallah takes Indy to, to have the headpiece translated?

6. TRICKY TRICKY: What is the name of this astrologer's young assistant (the one who gave Indy the dates)?

7. There's a character mentioned in the film who WE NEVER SEE...some guy named OMAR, Sallah's friend. What thing does Omar own that helps Indy's cause? (No, not a shovel to dig with.)

8. What is the serial number placed on the wooden crate for the Ark at the end of the film?

I will wait until SUNDAY NIGHT before I post all the answers. Good luck, adventurers...

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