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Posted by Ultra 7:21 on August 28, 1997 at 03:46:56:

In Reply to: Re: NO ANSWERS - NICE JOB! posted by Adam on August 27, 1997 at 08:36:19:

WRONG! See what I mean?

Anyway - Indy's first visit occured in 1913 (with his fat-pal Herman from Last Crusade) where my favorite archelogical wonder was presented in as silly a manner as possible, as a mystical site of Druid ceremony (of course, the ceremony's effect is to tap that mystical power - that's from YIJ and the Circle of Death). He's there again as the site is presented to be nothing more than a terrifying location for human sacrifice (by those pesky Druids, of course) by Rob MacGregor in IJ and the Dance of the Giants. One more trip in the novels - this time to expiriment in the beginning of M Caiden's sorely under-rated IJ and the WW. Here the sit is proposed as not much mroe than a field of unnatural electrical currents. Since MArvel's books are not considered part of the official timeline (presented by West End Games anyway), it is debatable wether one can really go to Stonehenge and use a crystal cylinder to unleash alien-demons! That's what Indy saw the Nazi's doing in issue 5 (uggh).

Since, I did say all sources applicable, two more visits CAN be counted (for both RPG's - though they do not indicate that Indy himself had EVER been there - ironically).

All in all - 3 official, 1 unofficial-official, and 2 unspecified, abstract, official visits!

Told you it was tricky!

Later Dude

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