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Posted by Adam on August 30, 1997 at 01:12:58:



The following trivia questions are more or less in sequence to the events of the film. Don't be fooled by the easy questions -- they are designed to get harder and harder as the section goes along.

Like the RAIDERS trivia, many of these questions can not be answered by watching the film alone. Rather, it takes a collective knowledge of a variety of INDY materials to answer all correctly. In some cases, different INDY materials may contradict each other slightly (i.e.: the MASTERBOOK RAIDERS catalogue had some minor date errors when compared to those of the film script and novel), so I will take either such answer into account when this happens (this especially happens when a specific year is concerned). I want to be fair to you guys....

But for those of you who own the novel to TEMPLE OF DOOM and think you can get away on these questions easily, know that I have specifically included questions that can NOT be answered by either the film or the novel adaptation...WHY HAVE I DONE THIS? Because I enjoy tormenting all of you. But because I'm such a nice guy (at times), I've also included two special BONUS QUESTIONS, so that you can still get two answers wrong and win the prize. (BE WARNED: The bonus questions are a tad difficult.)

The winner (the first person to correctly answer ALL the questions -- or get up to two wrong and still correctly answer the bonus questions) will receive the prize: a rare INDIANA JONES action figure, from the 1984 LJN TEMPLE OF DOOM toy line. The figure is in good condition, BUT NOT in the box. It comes with a removeable hat, sword, & saddlepack. (The whip, I'm afraid, is missing.)

I know these questions may be frustrating, but it is DESIGNED TO BE HARD. In fact, I had to look up many of these things myself before writing the questions don't lose heart. These are designed to require research, and not just answering off the top of your head. Oh yeah -- it's supposed to be fun, too. Even if you don't win the prize, you should have a good time...

And good old Indy would be proud of you.


1. In what year does TEMPLE take place? (If you can't answer this one, just give up now!!!)
2. About how old is INDY in the film? (I'll accept one of two ages, due to a continuity error among various INDY sources...)
3. What is the name of the dance club Indy goes to? (You ALL MUST know this, at least!)
4. What American broadway tune does Willie Scott sing (in Chinese)?
5. What was the name of Indy's assistant, disguised as a waiter?
6 & 7. Lao Che, of course, is the villian. BUT CAN YOU NAME HIS TWO SONS?
8. Whose remains (ashes) is Lao Che barganing for?
9. Which dynasty did this dead guy belong to?
10. Short Round wears a baseball cap for which team?
11. How old is Short Round? (Again, I'll accept one of two ages, due to a continuity error among various INDY sources...)
12. How did Short Round make a living before meeting Indy?
13. How old was Shorty when his parents were killed?
14. When Indy and crew arrive at the airport, name the character who greets them.
15. Which famous actor/comedian played this cameo role?
16. Name the city that Indy and Co. are ORIGINALLY SUPPOSED to fly to before their plane is ambused. (It's NOT in America.)
17. What U.S. State is Willie originally from?
18. How were Shorty's parents killed?
19. What KIND OF CAR is Shorty driving to escape with? (More than just "nice convertible")
20. REALLY TOUGH: What is the car's LICENSE PLATE #? (Unless your tv has a REALLY good quality freeze frame feature, you'll need to rely on still photo references in various Indy publications. This question was designed so NO ONE could possibly answer it, and therefore I have included the BONUS QUESTIONS at bottom to be "fair"...heh...heh...)


21. The SANKARA stones are the object of pursuit in this adventure. What do the "rings" on the stones represent?
22. How many stones have been recovered by the time TEMPLE takes place?
23. How many stones ORIGINALLY EXISTED?
24. Which Hindu god had given Sankara the stones to combat evil?
25. What NAME does the shaman call the village's lost Sankara stone?
26. The shaman's village is located near the _____________ hills.
27. How does Indy say "thank you" to the villagers?
28. Who (deity) does the shaman think was responsible for making Indy and Co. fall from the sky?
29. What is the villagers' word for "children"?
30. Before he decides to head off to the Palace, where (travel destination) does Indy originally want to go? (The answer is NOT back to America or his university.)


31. What is the name of the Palace?
32. Who first greets our heroes at the palace? (Character's name)
33. The ACTOR who played this character had a major role in which Best Picture Oscar-winning film?
34. What's the name of the British cavalry captain, visiting the Palace?
35. The ACTOR who played this British captain had a memorable role in which legendary horror film from the 1980's?
36. The THUGGEE CULT are the bad guys in this outing. WHAT OTHER FILM previously featured the Thuggees as the central bad guys? (Hint: "insects")
37. Which evil God do the Thuggees worship?
38. What natural element is the known cure for a victim of "The Black Sleep"?
39. Which mine tunnel route are the heroes SUPPOSED to take to get out?
40. How old is the MAHARAJAH?


41. What event during filming delayed the production over six weeks?
42. How did this event happen? (i.e.: What specifically CAUSED this problem to occur?)
43. How many Oscars did TEMPLE OF DOOM win?
44. The screenplay writers for this film also penned which 80's MEGAFLOP?
45. What was the ORIGINAL title for "INDIANA JONES and the Temple of Doom"?
46. What movie system rating did this film eventually bring about, but didn't actually receive?
47. What other Spielberg-produced film did Kee Huy Quan star in?
48. The female stuntwoman for Kate Capshaw and Karen Allen had her name listed in the end credits for TEMPLE OF DOOM. What's wrong with it, and HOW SHOULD IT READ?
49. Other than Harrison Ford, name the only actor to have appeared in all three INDY films.
50. Which film beat out TEMPLE OF DOOM for the summer box office #1 position in 1984?

*BONUS QUESTIONS* Answering these questions exactly right will count as one extra point each, so you can get another question wrong and still win the prize:

51. Before the events in TEMPLE, in what year did the British originally drive the old maharajah and his subjects off of the Palace?
52. This one is from RAIDERS: What is Captain Katanga's FIRST NAME?

This contest ends Sunday, September 14th. The prize will not be available after this date. You must have Emailed your answers to me "" before 6 PM EST, 9 PM Pacific. I will announce the winner and answer the questions within 24 hours following.

C O M I N G S O O N...

Yes, true believers, I WILL create a special TRIVIA POST for INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, coming to a WWW page near you in October...

I'm also going to see if I can find a cool CRUSADE-related collector's item that I would be willing to part with as a PRIZE for the potential winner.

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