12-Inch Indiana Jones and the Uneventful Horror Story

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Posted by Ultra Seven 21 on August 31, 1997 at 03:35:11:

1983 - My cousins from England are visiting - young tykes gbrought over by their folks. They are little and I am a pre-teen, but I take care of them all summer. Half way through the summe, my mother tells me I did good and will take me to TOYS R US where I can pick out WHATEVER I wanted as a reward. I had always wanted the blasted Mill. Falcon from SW - for years of course (my folks were working class and couldnt afford much more than the occasional figure or light vehichle for me). instead of grabbing that, I grab the 12 Inch INDIANA JONES doll. Anyway, I COULD be pleased with that decision these days, but...

I loved the fucking thing! It looked so cool! They did a great job on the outfit, and the doll was spitting image Young Harry (as Han though - not Indy). The only thing is the hat is a little goofy looking. NE-WAYZ - I quickly put the doll to the test (Kept the box for a while - but eventually it got crushed in my messy room from hell and I threw it out). I was playing with the doll all over the yard - every day. Pretty soon it was looking a little rugged (even taking it into the swimming pool with me)! About a year later, it was still looking pretty good. TOD came out - and that's when I started getting REALLY
rough with it! I decided his face was too clean and not rugged like Indy's. With a black ink pen, I shaded some stuble, couple a cuts, and matched that three-mark scratch above HF's left brow that looked so cool in the movie. I removed the jacket and CUT OFF the right sleeve, so he could have that TOD look! (My reasoning was that I could just put the jacket over and no one would know). Eventually I lost the whip and since I hardly ever had him in the jacket - I lost that too. Then the boots.

These days, the doll sits on my Indy shelf - really rugged (pants barely stay up and the hat is falling apart). I refuse to sell it (the pen marks are still there and considering the condition, I woulad have to go cheap anyway - which I will not do). It looks like a voodoo doll! My room-mate says he is scared of it and I must keep it to the back of the collection!

Acutally - I have been thinking of touching it up. TARGET and WAL-MART have those ultra-cheap 12 inch GI JOE rip offs - with the cheesy historical uniforms. There are a couple that I might be able to make use of (or even the black bomber pilot from GI Joe - but that's pricey just to steal the clothes from - besides his jacket is not an exact match - fur collar and all). But there are a couple of different uniforms - including some world war one stuff. The dool looks so young, maybe I could fashion a French-courier Young Indy?

Whatcha think-y'all?

(Sorry for the lousy structure and grammar - uncharacteristic of me - but I'm buzzing off of this awful bee called Henry Weinhard's. More like BLOWhard)!

"Nazi's. I hate these guys"

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