Solutions to the RAIDERS OHE LOST ARK trivia contest!!!

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Posted by Adam on August 31, 1997 at 13:30:01:

Answers to the RAIDERS trivia contest...

Here they are...the answers to all those damn hard questions. I've received several Emails from self-proclaimed Indy fans, who have admitted their disdain at not being able to solve everything... or even HALF correctly. The truth is, many of these questions can not be answered by watching the film alone. Rather, it takes a collective knowledge of a variety of INDY materials to answer all correctly.

The big problem I had with this was that in some cases, different INDY materials/literature contradicted each other. This is a common problem in both the STAR TREK and STAR WARS merchandize lines, and -- even if to a much smaller extent -- also present within the INDIANA JONES universe. For example, the MASTERBOOK RAIDERS GUIDE -- a big, comprehensive book with detailed info on the film -- nevertheless has several facts which do not equate with either the SCRIPT or the NOVEL. For example, in the novel and script, we learn that Indy is 38 years old at the time the film takes place in 1936. But the MASTERBOOK guide says that Indy's birthday is July 1, 1899 -- thus, making him 37. When such inconsistancies occur, I have noted them in my answers. In the interests of fairness, any answers listed which agree with any INDY source will be considered correct for the contest.

I know these questions may have been frustrating, but they were DESIGNED TO BE HARD. These questions required research -- not just answering off the top of your head. Oh yeah -- this was supposed to be fun, too. Even if you didn't win the prize, you should have had a good time...



1. What were the serial numbers on the top of the sub?


2. Where was the Nazi sub base sequence filmed?

La Rochelle, France.
(This was an actual base used by the Germans in WWII in occupied France. For the classic film DAS BOOT -- which also provided the RAIDERS crew with the use of their sub -- this base was also used for filming scenes in the beginning and in the finale.)

3. The BIG question -- what was the NAME of the sub itself?

The Wurrfler.
(Spelling did not count.)


1. What were the serial markings on the plane?

(Reference to another Lucas movie...)

2. The actor who played Jock worked as a pilot on another film with RAIDERS producer Frank Marshall. What was it?

(Actor Fred Sorenson is a professional pilot, and helped out the crew for air transport on the Marshall-directed film.)

3. The BIG question -- what is Jock's LAST name? (No, it ain't "Jock The-Sea-Pirate"!)

(This was probably the hardest question to answer. The name is NOT included in either script or novel, but it's in the MARVEL comic book series several times and the TSR game series.)


1. How did Abner die?

(He had taken Marion to Nepal to continue his work on the Ark. An avalanche killed him while he was digging in the mountainside. "They never found him," Marion said.)

2. What year did Abner die?

(The script and novel indicate that it happened two years before RAIDERS -- thus, 1936-2=1934. HOWEVER, the MASTERBOOK RAIDERS GUIDE screwed this up by presenting us with an error in Abner's journals. Abner's last entry is dated in 1936, so for those of you who answered THAT, it may be considered correct for the contest.)

3. Indy had Abner as a teacher at what University?

The University of Chicago.


1. How old (young) was Marion when she and Indy fell in love? (NOTE: This is answered by the script and the novel. It's not designed to reflect Ms. Allen's actual age in the film.)

(The script and novel indicate that Marion is 25 years old in RAIDERS, though Allen herself was 29. Indy and Marion's affair took place ten years prior: WONDER Abner got so pissed!!!!)

2. What was the name of Marion's bar in Nepal?


3. In what TOWN was this bar located? (Yes, there's an actual NAME.)

PATAN, in Nepal.

4. How did Marion "inherit" the bar?

She worked in the bar after her father was killed ("And NOT as the bartendar"), whose owner went insane. As they carried him out, he shouted that the bar was hers.

5. What was the name of Marion's assistant?



1. What is Belloq's FIRST NAME?

RENE Belloq.

2. What is Toht's FIRST name?

(The novel and shooting script indicate this. But in an issue of the MARVEL COMIC BOOK TFAOIJ SERIES, someone mentions Toht's first name as ERNST. Therefore, either answer was accepted.)

3. What is the name of Dietrich's (Wolf Kahler) personal aide?


4. TRICKY QUESTION: The actor who PLAYED Dietrich's aide was also the LEAD villian in a Spielberg-produced film...what was it?

(Actor Anthony Higgins played the villian...who turned out to be the future Moriarty in the film's finale.)


1. Producer Frank Marshall has a small cameo in the film. Who does he play?

The PILOT of the Flying Wing. Marion knocks him unconscious. (poetic justice?)

2. THE HARDEST QUESTION I CAN THINK BOTH ACTORS (yup, there's more than one) who play more than one credited role in RAIDERS, and the different characters they each played.

VIC TABLIAN played two credited roles: BARRANCA (the evil guide Indy whipped in the Peru intro. after he tried to shoot him) and THE MONKEY MAN.

PAT ROACH played two credited roles: the GIANT SHERPA (wrestled Indy in the Raven Bar) and the FIRST MECHANIC (the big, brawny guy Indy wrestled with in the plane sequence.)

NOTE: I asked for the names of ACTORS, not stuntmen, with CREDITED ROLES.

3. Actor Alfred Molina, of the movie SPECIES, played which trecherous Peruvian guide in the beginning of RAIDERS? (HINT: This is a trick question.)

(Well, I guess it's not *really* a trick's just that the novel and credits list it as SATIPO, while Indy calls him STAPIDO. Either answer is fine by me. If you wrote BOTH, you won an extra point.)


1. Indy and Marion were in love a long time ago before the events of RAIDERS, and it ended pretty badly...How old was INDY when he and Marion got it on -- er, were in love?

(38-10=28. But again, due to the MASTERBOOK listing Indy's birthday in 1899, those who answered 27 are considered correct, too. AND MARION WAS ONLY FIFTEEN? SHAME ON YOU, INDY!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!)

2. What is SALLAH's FULL NAME?


3. What is the name of Sallah's wife? (As far as I know, he only had one.)


4. What kind of snake was Reggie, Jock's pet?


5. What is the name of the old arab astrologer Sallah takes Indy to, to have the headpiece translated?


6. TRICKY TRICKY: What is the name of this astrologer's young assistant (the one who gave Indy the dates)?


7. There's a character mentioned in the film who WE NEVER SEE...some guy named OMAR, Sallah's friend. What thing does Omar own that helps Indy's cause? (No, not a shovel to dig with.)

OMAR OWNS THE GARAGE that Indy uses to drive the truck into to escape the Germans.

8. What is the serial number placed on the wooden crate for the Ark at the end of the film?

(In the book, shooting script, and comic book, it's #9906753 -- so that answer is correct as well.)

Congrats go out to INDIANA MAGNOLI (is that his REAL name?), who impressively answered all but two questions correctly. Therefore, as promised, he shall receive my imaginary friend...

YES! I will actually send her over to Mr. Magnoli's home via Email "beam up"...he'll get a kick out of it!

I hoped you enjoyed this trivia game...even if none of you pathetic runts could answer them all correctly! Seriously, though...I've posted a REALLY DIFFICULT contest for TEMPLE OF DOOM now, and the contest will end on Sept. 14th. The prize will be a rare INDIANA JONES action figure, made by LJN in 1984.

But hurry up! It's been less than 24 hours since I've posted the TEMPLE OF DOOM questions, and already I've received several answers which are getting closer and closer to the prize!!!!!!!!!!

Coming in October
The INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE contest...harder than any contest before it!!!!!

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