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Posted by Don Stapp on August 22, 1997 at 09:49:59:

In Reply to: Fav Indy Movie posted by Aaron J. Radatz on August 22, 1997 at 09:05:17:

I like Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom ( IJTD) the best. It's more funnier - plus IMHO Steven's wife looks allot Foxier then Mrs. Allen. What a babe! :P...

IJTD is just as funny as Raiders and has a higher thrill rates, the Soundtrack kicks butt. and it's more inline with the old serial's of the 30's. Indiana makes allot of facial expression and add more comedic scenes in this movie.

Only thing I don't like too much is the rescue- the-children stuff ( Not too original - Kinda sound like it was ment to be made into a video game! or get a video games to inspire it.)
One thing that save it from being a kiddy-ish flicks with allot of kids running around. (reminds me of Ewok's? Teddy Bear-cutesy-Disney-ish?) Is that they have more gore and bloody scenes to make up for it. ;)

Historical tidbits:

IJTD has more gore then any PG rated movie in history . which is by the way - - - This was the 1st movie that brought changes to the Hollywood rating scheme!!! ( it's never talked about nor has it's credit been mention allot but it's true - this Movie made it where we needed PG-13 for a movie that IJTD should have been.)

One of my favorite scene:
Near the end during a fist fight at the alter. A bad guy with a spear try to stab Jones - he simply grab it and gymnasticaly flip the dude over into the fire pit.

The water scene - Indy's shoes was burnning from using it as a breakpad. As he screams for water - a ton loads of flood came whipping through the tunnel.

- Don.

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