Indiana Jones and his Character as Represented In Raiders

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Posted by Ultra Seven 21 on September 05, 1997 at 04:11:10:

This is really in response to the 'Grave Robber' discussion. What made Indiana Jones so fascinating in 'Raiders' was that he was not CLEARLY the cut and dried "good guy" - as supported by the title. He has many faults: an obvious "physical penchant" for recovering his finds; a recognition of his own participation of the "cheap world, cheap life" attitude all around him, and several flirtations with younger members of the opposite sex (Marion included and if you've read the novel adaptation you'll see why), and a "fortune and glory" attitude that carries into "Temple". It's a shame that Indy was so softened in "Crusade", but he still had some high points (getting slapped by his dad for blasphemy comes to mind). The point for all this as entertainment was to show how the very Ark itself redeems Indy at the end of "Raiders". God KNOWS he IS pure of heart and just a little off course, guilt stricken (as evidenced by his drinking before he encounters Belloq), in the process of reform (evidenced by his demand that the Ark be researched as opposed to a museum display).

It seems pretty clear that whatever changes his heart happens before 1938 (can't wait to see if Lucas goes there) and whatever blackened it happens after 1920 (becuse "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" definately hints that his innocence is being tarnished by the travesty around him during wartime).

Viva-Jones, the greatest fictional creation of all time (better than Sherlock Holms even)!

"You know what a cautious fellow I am." -Indiana Jones.
"You know what Indy fan I am." -Ultra Seven 21.

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