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Posted by Aaron on September 05, 1997 at 15:12:22:

In Reply to: Aaron - You made me cry!!!! posted by Ultra Seven 21 on September 05, 1997 at 03:52:18:

: How can a true Indiana Jones fan think that the "Young Indinana Jones and the...." books were BETTER than "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"?!?! A shoe that HAD Harrison "Quit Whining About This" Ford in it? Where the YIJAT... books were mostly rips of the LC River Pheonix segment, with a whole buncha' wannnabe shit thrown in (OK I concede maybe SIX of FIFTEEN were pretty good), the YIJC actually took time to develop the character - much less finding Sean Patrick Flanery, a true AAACHTOR!!! to play him! Sean Patrick Flanery has much stronger dramatic abilities than even Ford. Take a closer look at the certain episodes (The Congo, Russia, Verdun, Travels With Father) and you'll see what I mean. The greatest failure of the books was pretending that a thirteen year old kid could POSSIBLY have that much of an interest in archeology. That Sean Patrick Flanery's adventures begin with Indy and his cousin hitchiking to Mexico looking for bordellos is a much more fascinating concept than anything that came about in those books!

: "You know what a cautious fellow I am." - Indiana Jones.

Okay, pal--

Sorry if I offended U by making it seem like I thought the "YIJ Chronicles" series was bad--I didn't mean that. In fact, there were about three "Chronicles" episodes that I really liked: "Travels With Father," "Curse of the Jackal," and the one in Chicago starting and ending with a cameo by Harrison Ford playing the saxophone--my musical instrument of choice. But I refuse to be awed by Indy touching the face of History each episode in some Forrest Gump-esque way. Sure, the original YIJ books had some of that ["Titanic Adventure"], but I think that the real reason I liked the original series so much was because it showed more of his adventurous spirit than his educational one [as shown to us by Correy Carrier], or his oft-described "loss of innocence" [Flanery].

But hey, anything LFL releases with Indy's name on it is great--NO MATTER WHAT. And hey, this argument could go on forever, but, what it all boils down to is "opinions are opinions," and everybody's welcome to theirs.

If I could offer you a tissue over the 'net, I would.


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