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Posted by Adam on September 07, 1997 at 10:32:24:


The responses to the previous trivia contests were pretty surprizing...and now, with this new contest, you can win -- among other prizes -- THE HOLY GRAIL ITSELF! Or at least a pretty damn cool replica of it, anyway. Indiana Magnoli, of PITA productions, will VERY generously be donating a hand made replica of the Grail, as featured in the third Indy film, to one of the winners of the contest.

But now, not only will there be several prizes, but there will be several winners.

The LAST CRUSADE trivia contest will tentatively be posted Saturday, September 28th, and will last for two full weeks. The deadline for entries will be Sunday, October 12th at 9 PM EST, 6 PM PST. You must direct your Emails to me (, with the answers CLEARLY next to the question numbers. (No breaking up columns, please -- just one long column on the left side.)

There is only one prize available to each winner (see below for details). Scores will not be tallied until AFTER OCTOBER 12, giving more people an opportunity to play the game and do research.

There will be over 100 questions. While the main part of the game will focus on LAST CRUSADE, there will be an extensive bonus section on material from ALL films. This game promises to be the hardest one yet.

Players must have a certain minimum score in order to receive one of the prizes. Scores are determined by the number of correct answers. BONUS questions do not subtract from your score, but add to it like extra credit.

If by October 12th there are no prize-qualifying scores, then I will extend the deadline an additional week so you can do more research.

In the event of a tie between the different qualifying scores, I will email those people several more questions, and the one who answers the most correctly will be deemed the prize winner. These people will have
ONE WEEK from the date of my Email to respond to these questions.


Because there has been so much interest in this trivia game, I am offering SEVERAL prizes to different winners. There can be up to FIVE WINNERS (no more) who may receive a prize, AS LONG AS THEY ACHIEVE A CERTAIN MINIMUM SCORE.

What does this mean?

If someone comes in 1st place, but doesn't have the minimum prize-winning score (even if EVERYONE ELSE does badly), they can not receive a prize.

If someone comes in 6th place, and yet also has the minimum prize-winning score, they can not receive a prize.

Though many of the questions on this trivia will be really hard, I'm adjusting the prize-qualifying score so that it's easier to qualify for a prize.

Below is the list of different prizes that the winners may choose from. The FIRST PLACE WINNER will obviously get the FIRST grabs as to which prize they wish to claim, the SECOND PLACE WINNER the SECOND, and so on...

PRIZES (winners may recieve only one of the following)

1. THE HOLY GRAIL replica, graciously donated by Indiana Magnoli's company, PITA productions. A clay replica of the prop used in the film, with gold paint/leaf, etc...

2. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE STORYBOOK BASED ON THE MOVIE. Hardcover, large picture book of the film. Condition is fair: The spine is open (though the book is still held together well) and the cover page has a "To Charlie" signature...this was donated to me by my old friend -- surprize -- Charlie.

3. INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. (RARE!) A softcover book featuring over 60 large color photos from the film. Not to be confused with the novel or the oversize hardcover storybook.

4. INDIANA JONES & THE LEGION OF DEATH -- FIND YOUR FATE #6, by Richard Wenk. Softcover book of the FIND YOUR FATE series (like choose your own adventure) with Indy.

5. INDIANA JONES & THE LAST CRUSADE: ISSUES #1 and #2 (of four) of the MARVEL COMIC BOOK SERIES. Good condition. Does NOT include issues #3 and #4.

Stay tuned for September 28th...this will be my last trivia posting, so I intend to make it count!

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