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Posted by Adam on September 09, 1997 at 12:00:07:

In Reply to: Beloq sucks! posted by Jock Lindsey on September 09, 1997 at 02:00:03:

:it's clear he (Beloq) is responsible for much of the mess. In fact, he has so little posts and the only two I've read his replies too were both insulting. The Ultra Guy looks to have just lost his cool - when you read his other posts he deonst seem
: to indictivve asnd never foul mouthed it's sad the way Beloq attacked him first and THEN cited U-7 as the foul mouthed one. That's hypocrysy in action!!!!!

Whatever the explanations are, I don't think there's a good reason for either of them to be that way on this board. Well, as long as they put an end to it, it's good news.

: I never saw Powdwer - I didn't know that was Young Indy! I 'm curious now: what do the rest of you think? Do I rent it? Any Good? Who's right? Is U-7 a stuffed bagpipe of hot-air? 'Orz jerky Beloq makin' more sense? Which do I sic Reggie on?

POWDER isn't a terrible film as many made it out to be, but I don't particularly reccommend it. Flanery was the best thing of the movie (though I'd choose Ford over anyone to play Indy again, regardless of his age). I think the film tries to be moving, but in many moments it seemed too forced, saccarine, and artificial to work, IMHO. The supporting cast is good (Goldblum, Steeburgen, and particularly Lance Hendrickson), but the story seems too contrived (a la "E.T.", etc...) and the premise too silly to present us with anything new. The ending (I won't give it away) seems particularly clumbsy. But there are some nice moments, and Flanery holds his own with subtlety and restraint in an obviously difficult role.

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