The Fate of Marion Ravenwood

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Posted by Adam on September 09, 1997 at 19:00:32:

In Reply to: Fate of Marian? posted by Swashbuckler on September 09, 1997 at 18:04:18:

: Anybody know if any of the comics / continuity dealt with what happened between Indy and Marian (from Raiders to Last Crusade)? Did they split up again?

: -- Swashbuckler

Good question, my friend...

Marion Ravenwood was indeed included in the MARVEL comic book series, "The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones", which ran from 1982 to 1985 or so, for 34 issues. Many of these stories were adapted into roleplaying games by TSR.

The series began with just Jones and Marcus returning, but by an overwhelming popular demand, Marion was brought back into the storyline in issue #6. From that moment on, she was a regular character -- almost always at Indy's side (and peeping over his shoulder when she wasn't). The best thing IMHO about the series was that some issues REALLY delved into their relationship -- both some nice romantic moments as well as (like in RAIDERS) bickerring.

After many issues, the series started to die down. Perhaps the writers felt that getting rid of Marion would allow them to try new territory, so she left the series. (Perhaps this was requested by Lucasfilm, in case they wanted a new heroine for the third film in development at the time.) The issue's storyline, more or less, dealt with a subplot of Marion (who had become Indy's public relations officer to the museum) having to give a lecture that Indy promised he'd also attend. When he didn't (he was out saving the world again) she became furious, and literally walked out of the series. All she did was leave a note for Indy not to follow her. And that was the end...she never came back. But in a later letters to the editor column, someone inquired about whether or not Marion would return. The editors promised that issue #35 would deal with this...

...but, sadly, issue #35 was never printed.

But the story doesn't end there as far as Marion is concerned. Rob MacGregor, who wrote several of the first INDIANA JONES novels for Bantam, said during an interview that he had desperately wanted to write a story describing the full events behind Indy and Marion's relationship in 1926. (The novels take place between TYIJC and the feature films.) Lucasfilm, however, apparently rejected this storyline...reasons unknown.

In fact, a similar case also occurred within the DARK HORSE COMICS publications. Apparently, two people now working for the INDY comics said in an interview that they had gotten DARK HORSE's attention by submitting a "spec" storyline. It was from this that they were brought on to work on the series...but their initial spec submission never saw print.

So...why has all this occurred? It would make sense to deal with Marion -- be it before or after the events of RAIDERS -- in some way. Surprisingly, the YOUNG INDY series didn't deal with this premise, either...

One can only speculate as to why the character never returned. Lucas himself said in an interview that if Indy was to have one long-lasting relationship, Marion would easily be the best candidate. Perhaps time will tell if Indy and Marion will ever settle down together...

Indy IV, perhaps? Hmmm.....

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