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Posted by beloq on September 10, 1997 at 02:38:39:

In Reply to: ATTN Micah!!! posted by Ultra Seven 21 on September 10, 1997 at 01:14:50:

: Listen, I'm sorry that I got as foul as I did and my apology elsewhere was aas sincere as could be - but I don't appreciate being censored! That's a TERRIBLE thing to do! I know it's your board and yeah, I'll try to respect that in the future. But to censor it defeats the purpose of having created it!

I think it's time I step in and claim my part of the blame for what happened. Simply put U-7 and I got into a bitter disagreement, and we started acting childish, resorting to mutual insults and foul language. I don't like the idea of censorship either, but perhaps our (my) actions were the direct cause of this. Censorship may "defeat the cause of creating" this page, but our language and behavior ALSO defeated the cause behind making this page. And what michah is doing isn't censorship, per se, but straining out the really bad words that are not needed to be used here.

:I said it before and I'll say it again - foul words ARE communication, however ugly. If someone were to post a picture of their face would you censor it because YOU think it looks ugly? I'd hate to think so.

It's not that simple as you've put it. This deals with an unneccessary and obvious misuse of bad language geared towards insulting someone else personally. I've seen a variety of "swear words" on this board, and Michah's never done anything about it until our bickering started. We're to blame here, not michah.

:Why not just kick Beloq off the board the first time you see him doing the stunts he pulled?

I don't think it's fitting of you to suggest this idea when you yourself have posted obviously disgusting things to me as well. "Your mother wants to su** my a** every night"? "F*** you"? Those are some of the comments, YOUR COMMENTS, I've had to put up with, just as you had to put up with my comments. It's hypocritical of you to suggest that I be removed, while you get to stay, and I'M FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: I know I got carried away - but when a guy like that causes trouble - I WILL take care of him. Trust me.

I started this thing as a joke simply because I thought your comments on POWDER and SPF were silly. Who do you think you are, GOD? What arrogance!

: Censorship just isn't the Indy way, and what's Indy? All American, free speach and all.

Again, it's not the Indy way to insult people like we both insulted each other. For that I'm very sorry and vow to everyone that it will not happen again from me.

Beloq (I know it's spelled wrong, I just shortened it so it could fit in my email address.)

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