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Posted by Sandbagger1 on September 11, 1997 at 05:48:27:

First let me admit I have not read all the postings between
Ultra 7-21 and Beloq. But I have seen enough to know that
they both seriously need a "timeout." It would probably
be for the best if they not talk to each other until they have
calmed down a bit.
Second, I am not actually in favor of censorship, in public forums.
But I don't necessarily consider this public. Micah was kind enough
to create it, and we should take some personal responsibility.
If someone uses a swear-word, and letters are *-ed out, I think we
can all figure out what the word is. No big deal, right?
Now, a message for Ultra 7-21 and Beloq. Folks, you are taking
these things WAY TOO PERSONALLY! So someone disagrees with you,
so what?! Ultra, your "I will take him down" attitude is what I
call "The Self-Anointed." This isn't a fight where you can beat an
opponent. With email, they can always shoot back. It never ends!
If someone is truly
causing trouble, let's trust Micah to deal with it. By creating
this, he takes the responsibility to maintain it. Beloq, ridiculing
someone should only be done to someone you know and trust to
take it in the spirit intended. A stranger might not understand you
are joking. Lack of facial cues and voice-tone are a problem with
Lastly, Micah, thanks again for running a killer site, and starting
this forum page. I try not to use it often, because I only like to
use it when I think I have something to offer, not just post to see
my name. I think the "dirty-word screen" is probably a good idea for now,
and maybe after things die down, you can remove it. I appreciate
all the work you put into this, and visit regularly. Keep up
the good work!

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