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Posted by Adam on August 22, 1997 at 22:16:34:

In Reply to: Fav Indy Movie posted by Aaron J. Radatz on August 22, 1997 at 09:05:17:

Are you all INSANE? (Just semi-serious here, don't be too offended.)

RAIDERS is the best. Yup, yessirree. That's RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. NOT Temple of GLOOM. NOT LOST Crusade. I'm talking about the 5-time Oscar winner, the highest grosser, the classic, A-1 Indiana for you...the funny but non-cheexy, high-spirited but intense, intelligent but not-taking-itself-too-seriously movie that leaves all the other Indy films trailing in the desert convoy truck's dust like that Nazi goon given a GOODYEAR TIRE MAKEOVER...

Seriously, though, I could go on and on into this discussion, but opinions are opinons and you're entitled. But I will say this: when RAIDERS first came onscreen in 1981 (and I remember it well), people were AMAZED. Looking back, it's easy to forget just how good it is because it's so engraved into our culture. But RAIDERS has more logic (though that's not to say it's all logical, by any means) and kinetic energy then the other films. TEMPLE, with all of its garish red-lit sets and mumbo-jumbo, and CRUSADE, with some of its clunky action scenes (it should be noted that while RAIDERS' scenes were almost ALL storyboarded and choreographed before filming, CRUSADE's action scenes -- especially the tank chase -- was largely improvised in the few days before filming), can't really hold a candle to the original. They have their moments - yes - but they took the series into a decidedly goofier turn...

...and I'd settle for Karen Allen ANY day over Kate Capshaw or Alyson Doody...or -- dare I say -- even Connery as Indy's partner in INDY IV...

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