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Posted by adam on August 22, 1997 at 22:35:36:

In Reply to: Re: C64 Temple Game posted by Micah on August 22, 1997 at 05:00:57:

: : :
: : : : Has anyone out there tried the Commodore 64 Temple of Doom game
: : : : in emulation. What are you supposed to do on the minecar level?
: : : : If I go right, the minecar tips over. If I go left, the Thuggee
: : : : comes up from behind and shoots me.

: : There are a few ways to do it. 1)As the message above says, speed up. 2)The reason you're tipping is because of breaks in the rails. Use left/right keys to lean the opposite way. 3)The whip has to work somehow, but I haven't the slightest idea how!
: : Beware! You'll have to face at least 3 different minecar levels before you win the game!

: Doh! I didn't make it 3 seconds into the first minecar level.
: Hopefully, with your pointers I'll be able to make a bit more progress.

: I'd really like to have hints, walkthroughs, easter eggs, etc.
: for these old games... Would anyone like to lend a hand?

: --Micah

Well, it's hard to give a specific walkthru to an ACTION oriented game: you either can get it or you don't. It takes PRACTICE. And patience. (I sound like Yoda...)

The game is based on a very good and popular ARCADE GAME (that's as in a real, genuine "put in 25 cents and stand-up-by-a-six-foot-machine" game) by MIDWAY upon the release of the film. The graphics were incredible, and featured voice audio clips from the film as sound effects...

...and I must say, it was far better than the later version of the game on the C64 -- though it's not half bad when you consider the technology of the time. There's less action onscreen, but it's much harder to manuveur and control.

Essentially, there are three different levels, repeating the same concept, but each time increasing the difficulty. First, you go through the mines and save the kids. Then, the mine cars and tracks. Finally, getting one of the stones by jumping over the lava pit and picking up a stone, and exiting through the door...

And then go through it all over again 2 more times (each time getting harder) until finally you exit the rope bridge, whip Mola Ram, and win the day...

In the real game, Willie would be standing next to Short Round at the other end of the bridge. IF you killed Mola Rom by cutting the bridge, you automatically were brought to the other side where they were waiting. If you WHIPPED WILLIE -- like Indy did at the end of the film around her waist -- she would say "Oh, INDY!" (Short Round would reply "Knock it off!") and you'd get a bonus life!

I haven't gotten this far in the C64 game, but the ORIGINAL game had a bonus level for those who managed to win all three stones: going back to the mines to pick up various things for "Fortune and Glory" case the first part wasn't hard enough.

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