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Posted by The Dentman on September 13, 1997 at 01:26:07:

In Reply to: Why do you like Indy? posted by Deirdre on September 12, 1997 at 20:26:59:

: Hi guys, just a thought here.
: I've been reading many of the posts on this :wonderful forum brought to us by Micah's hard :work. And I was just wondering? Why do we :like/enjoy/love the character of Indiana Jones?
: Okay guys, what are your thoughts, here.

Three reasons.

He's real. He's not immune to bullets. If he's scorned, he's hurt. He doesn't show it, but you can tell (sometimes). If he performs an impossible feat, the look on his face tells you that he'd really rather be anywhere else, like any other sane man would. He doesn't live for action, and he understands the value of life.

He's got panache. Just the right mix of style and class, and the sixth sense of timing that lets him shine at just the right moment.
A subclass of this charm is his poise. No matter what culture he's in, he's well versed, fluent, and polite. He's got a remarkably cool head that makes sure he thinks his way around a problem (unless someone calls him Junior).

Finally, He has the respect of his peers. When I was on an archaeology trip last summer, it wasn't anything like Indy's world, of course. But everyone at the dig loved the movies. This really surprised me. I'm sure CIA agents throw up their hands whenever they see a spook on TV, much like chemists do when they see a Hollywood laboratory.

But Indy actually acts like an archaeologist. It's not for his personal gain, it's for a museum, unless it's needed more elsewhere. He respects the areas that he visits, and always researches his quarry.

And, of course, there's his fashion sense...

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