What do we do about those Indy games?

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Posted by Aaron on September 14, 1997 at 19:47:09:

It's been a while since a we fans had a new Indy game, and WE ARE SCREAMING FOR ANOTHER ONE! At least, I know I am.

So what do we do about this problem? Actually, we can do more than we realize:

1) Beg LucasArts for a new one--very unlikely to work.

2) Find old Indy games that we've never played before--need I bring up my obsession with Indy in the Lost Kingdom? :) Many of those games are WAY to hard-to-find.

3) Use level editors for existing games--Quake seems to be the hottest topic on this subject. But come on--Indy with a huge shoulder-mounted laser?

4) Convince some computer nerd, err, expert [J.K.--I'm a bit of one myself, but not enough to do what I'm about to suggest], to build us a level editor for existing Indy games. Desktop Adventures would be out. So would F.O.A. and Last Crusade graphic adventure. But how 'bout some of those C64 side-scrollers, or something like that? I think that would be pretty cool.

5) Forget our [my] crazed frenzy for Indy games completely--I THINK NOT!

So what are we gonna do?!?


"...It was his obsession, really..."

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