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Posted by Aaron on September 15, 1997 at 15:21:41:

In Reply to: Why do you like Indy? posted by Deirdre on September 12, 1997 at 20:26:59:

What do you think of my rendition of Raiders March? :)

Actually, my post's title has more relevance than you might think. Read on:

I like Indiana Jones because, well, for one thing, he's an American, a good solid American! I mean, he's named after a state for gosh sakes! [Err, dog, actually. Well, after a dog named after a state, or... Never mind.] Yet, he's a hero for all races and countries and genders and ages and whatever.

He also comes off as being a really nice person. I mean, he'd be my first choice for a college professor, wouldn't he be yours? I mean, take him and Short Round, or him and Sallah, or him and Wu Han for that matter. He really cares....

I could say I like him because I grew up with him...

"I grew up with this! It's my family label!"

...because it's true; my dad would always pop it in the VCR and have us watch it. But, come to think of it, it was usually ME who suggested we see them again! [Slightly off-the-subject: I remember going to Minneapolis/Saint Paul to see Last Crusade on opening night when I was a kid--it was sold out in every theatre, though. The one time I remember crying as a kid and really meaning it. We saw it promptly the next day. Best movie I ever remember seeing in the theatre.]

The one reason Indy, and Mr. Ford, himself, became my role model is because of his heroic spirit, his will power, his un-giving-up-ness. :) I was reading in the special booklet that comes with the re-released Raiders soundtrack recently, and there was a part about how the music "told him when to turn, when to run, and when to fight..." and it was then I realized that THAT was why I had loved Indy when I was a little boy, and why he's still my favorite movie character today: that heroic surge of music that came when he socked the bad guy a good one, when he successfully swung across that huge chasm, when he rides off into the sunset victorious. It was that little surge of music that really told me that this guy was good, was a hero, and would always be that way. And that even though he wasn't invulnerable, with his quick-thinking, will to "do the right thing," good heart, and a little help from a whip and a few friends, he might as well be.

With a tear in his eye,


No, not really. :)

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