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Posted by Adam on September 16, 1997 at 19:36:42:

In Reply to: Book Rarities Info posted by Ultra Seven 21 Returns! on September 16, 1997 at 01:09:44:

:Indy III: The Cave of Death - is actually more rare - but alas not licensed. It was a magazine from Starblazer publications - one of the worst SF/fan mags ever to hit the market. They claimed their 'Cave of Death' story could be the possible 3rd movie! Scarier is that they commision an artist to render a cover painting which also is the pull out poster inside: it features the one-sleeve torn Indy in hell (yes, hell) battling a 'conda sized snake while surrounded by other creaturely denizens. There is a girl in the Tanya Roberts mold clinging to his leg ala' Conan, and in the background is the large visage of Satan!!! (The best part of the painting actually - the poster is on my bedroom door to this day)! Their story claims that Short Round and Indy make a quest beginning in Australia (my choice of locale if America is not the main territory for a fourth movie) for King Solomon's Mines - stumble in a tunnel that leads directly to hell (lot of those laying about, huh?) and must fight the Devil to get
: the treasure! Awful, huh? The mag also featured stories on the production of the then 2 Indy movies (but more based on heresay and rumor than on-set style reporting) and the latter half devotes itself to James Bond. Just awful, but a rasrity and collector's dream!

I have indeed seen this magazine a few years ago in Allentown, Pennsylvania...It had a potential "Indy III" storyline, with the artwork you described. (A "Boris" style oil painting of Indy facing a human size snake, having a girl at his side, and flames in the background. I remember a photo inset of Shorty too on the spine.)

Hmmm...interesting...also, does anyone out there have other stuff, like the RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK COLORING BOOK? I recently got it -- I love it. (Brings out the kid in me.)

Also, in 1981 RAIDERS dominated the covers of Newsweek (a photo of Indy & Marion tied to the lamp-post at the end of the film), PEOPLE MAGAZINE (a candid snapshot of Ford & Allen smiling with their arms around each other -- friendly-like, NOT romantic-like -- during shooting outside the Well of the Souls exit), and...BEST OF ALL...ROLLING STONE (INCREDIBLE COVER! A super-closeup of Harrison Ford as Indy, with the tag line: "Lucas & Speilberg set out to top STAR WARS". It's one of the coolest Indy photos I've ever seen.)

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