Indiana Jones Four and the Infinite Possibilities

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Posted by Ultra Seven 21 (name soon to change) on September 17, 1997 at 03:19:56:

Name will change soon just cuzz I'm getting tired of it. On to the subject at hand - suggestions for Indiana Jones 4 (written after reading the terrifying rumors on Dredd's Indy page; sources are Corona and another one that was largely same):

1. Why does there have to be ANYTHING concerning the Bible in the next film? TOD did fine without it, and Last Crusade strained to have it! (LC woulda' blown chunks without Connery). Another religion's ideas works fine enough - but why anything? One look at WEG's Artifacts book shows there is plenty more interesting legends out there that can be explored! Many of the best Indy stories lately were so good BECAUSE they took similair routes: 'Sky Pirates' was a big beneficiary because Indy was using his knowledge and skills to deal with technology - as opposed to a quest for even a treasure, much less anything biblical. For Indy 4: ditch it!

2. The return of female leads from previous films: Marion or Willie would be nice to see again. Especially Marion, since Lucasfirm (their real name) are so strict with licensing her. And we do know Indy does start a family and has a 30-40 yr old daughter by 92: she would have to been born around the 50's or 60's then - so maybe they don't have to get into it that far!

3. As for the ongoing rumor that the film will include the death of a family member: FORGET IT! Only if it's a quiet and peaceful funeral for Dad. An Indy 4 would almost certainly be the last and going out on a sour note would be wrong! The 007 producers got away with it cuzz they KNEW there would be a follow up to get spirits up again. Now if Lucas plans on shooting 2 Indy movies back to back - then maybe I'll get interested in the idea.

4. The setting: All american is the way to go in a final Indy film. The character is all American and his inter'ntl exploits are well covered elsewhere. Of course the story would take place in the 50's (god I hope so) and it would be great to see Lucas going back to that Americana arena of 'Graffiti' - only with an older, whip-cracking hero running around. Another good reason for this is cuzz there are so many American mythical areas Indy could explore. Even the Young Indy original-story books covered these ideas, but hardly expanded on them the way a movie could (eg: Lost Gold of Durango, Pirate's Loot). My suggestions: start the story in New York and basically run it across the map, all the way to Frisco! If it HAS to go globetrotting - please - STAY away from the deserts! We need a change of pace from the embedded memory of the 1st and 3rd films (I think these reasons are why I cite TOD as my fav). Let's see Indy exploring London, France, Ireland - somewhere green where his brown leather jacket would serve him well! If there HAS to be a desert: The Outback! Indy in Aussie land? Awwwwhhh yyyyyeahhhh!

5. Lastly - the matter of his "evil brother": if this bears any truth I'll slit my wrists! To hell with Costner - he stinks! Tom Selleck - putting him IN an Indiana Jones movie would be interesting - but not as an evil brother! Unless he's pretending to be a brother a'la 'Sargasso Pirates'! Forget that though! I'd much rather see Mark Hammil play a bad guy! An AMERICAN bad-guy! When was the last time we saw one of those in an action movie huh? I mean besides Steven "A tree stump? I'll kill it with my bare pinkies!" Segal. No more Nazi's PLEASE.... (they've ruined almost every comic story they've appeared in)!

6. Lastly - for real - throw Jeffrey Boam under a truck and see if he can do what Indy does. If he survives, THEN think about hiring him. But only THINK about it - fresh blood is the way to go, and any interview I've read concerning Boam shows why Last Crusade's story was so weak. He may be a smart fellow, but his writing is as dumb as Segal!

Sorry for the legnth freinds. But LucasFirm IS keeping an eye on us (they conceded that already) so give them your ideas too! Keep an eye out for my next post with my new name! See ya around!

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