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Posted by Andrew on August 23, 1997 at 07:36:53:

In Reply to: Re: Indy on DVD? posted by Adam on August 22, 1997 at 21:57:27:

: You're right: DVD DOES have a higher quality than laserdisc. In fact, I said so myself in my previous message. And though it also offers the added bonus of seeing the film in either letterbox OR pan and scan, AND being able to choose languages, and also having on some DVD's biographical info., I still think laserdiscs have the advantage at the current way of things -- from a movie buff's point of view.

: This is because: DVDs are still relatively new to the market, and while there is certainly going to be a BIG BIG boom in the next year or two, there are still relatively only a mere handful of titles available. Laserdiscs are certainly much more varied as far as the number of titles...

: and, while some DVDs do feature addendums (i.e.: bio info, etc...), the laserdisc market is far more developed in this regard. Special "Restored prints", director's cuts, extra footage, ect... are more easily found on laserdiscs today. CRITERION has led the pack in this regard, with ENTIRE PROGRAMS of director's commentary, interviews, etc... in addition to the film itself.

: So, I guess my point is that while DVDs are more advanced in technology, and will lead the pack soon enough, laserdiscs are currently more geared to movie buffs specifically interested in special editions, etc...perhaps when DVDs release more titles, they might pursue this as well...

Well, you do have a point that DVD's aren't very common right now, but they will be pretty soon... at least in my opinion. However, DVD's do include directors cuts and interviews and original trailers. Also, you can view the movie through different camera angles which were filmed during production. I have yet to actually figure out how to use this, but it sounds interesting.


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