My original IJ game thoughts...

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Posted by Glen on September 18, 1997 at 05:17:03:

Here is my plot for my original game. Please don't steal any ideas, because i'm still going to use them for my little rpg text adventure.

April, 1927
While teaching at the University of Chicago, Indy recieves a telegram from his old teacher, professor Ravenwood, telling him that his help is needed somewhere in Central America. Indy figures he should go and spends the night at a bar with his old friend Jack Shannon. Indy is in need of transportation down there, so Jack says he knows somebody that can help.

From there they search out the underground gambling bar, and find a man named Tim(last name unkown for now). He helps them out, but only if he gets to go.

They goto Central America, Antigua to be exact. They run into some kind of trouble i'm sure, but eventually get to the dig of the Central American Indian find. In the dig, they found a chest containing a diary, with only some parts filled out. It belonged to Captain Estafano De Cordoba, of the Trinidad. Everyone knows about the ship that was pursued by pirates and sunk off the coast in an area called the sink. It gives much detail to find the ship, and the small amounts of treasure still aboard. Dr. Ravenwood and Indy think it's a great idea.

They head out to the ship, and find it, with much trouble of course. They find the captains room, and some gold, but most importantly, more diary pages, but not from Estafano, but from christopher colombus. It left maps and instructions to many places of gold he found while exploring, plus something concerning the fountain of youth. They read more about Estafano's diary, and they conclude that he never got a chance to find any of these. So they take the maps and stuff, go on, find the hordes of gold, and the fountain of youth deep inside a mystical cavern or something, plus a suprise guest.(okay guys, i know that last part sounds to much like last crusade, but have you any ideas that could make his map lead to great find!?)

Of course all along the way, they will encounter plenty of troube, and no nazis yet either. I'm not a story writer, so this could use some work i'm sure, so help me out. This doesn't exactly mean this is my choice for a new indy game either.


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