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Posted by Aaron on September 18, 1997 at 16:44:35:

In Reply to: An Indy Poll...Defining Lines posted by Sandbagger1 on September 18, 1997 at 06:15:19:

: I was wondering what line in all of the movies everyone considers to be THE defining
: line of Indiana Jones. What phrase, or moment or scene just sums up the character
: for you? For me, it simply boils down to one line from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"...

: "I don't know, I'm just making this up as I go..."

: That right there can tell people not very familiar with the character what he is like.
: Is there any scene or line that does it for you?

I think Indy's "looks of determination" in TOD is Indy to me:

"Now let's get out of here..." [Look of determination] "Right. All of us." Subsequent scene: Sillouette of Indy standing in the light of a tunnel. Thuggee looks up, goes over to Indy. Sounds of a [one-sided] fight and the Thuggee is next seen sprawling across the ground, unconcious, or perhaps, dead?

This shows that Indy has a line that CAN NOT get crossed and if it does, he is gonna TAKE YOU DOWN!

That's not necessarily my favorite line, "I'm making this up as I go" is cool, but "Right, All of us" really defines Indy for me.

"Any of you guys ever been to Sunday School?"


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