"Portals" Storyline Update

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Posted by Aaron on September 18, 1997 at 20:49:09:

In Reply to: Re: Games Games Games posted by Aaron on September 17, 1997 at 15:32:43:

: B) Indiana Jones and the Portals of Peril--ancient portals--maybe originating in Greece, I'm not sure yet--pop up "randomly" all over the globe every, oh, 500 years or something. The next date is in 3 weeks and Indy goes off in search of them for one reason or another. Basic globe-trotting, NAZI's-dogging-your-every-step, quest-for-an-artifact adventure. Originally had Sallah an' Cairo in it, too, but can change if necessary.

Just had an idea--it might be cool to incorporate the floor Labryinth in the Chartes ["Shart"] Cathedral in Paris. The story of the Labyrinth--keep in mind this is all true: The Labyrinth actually predates Chartes--and many believe Christianity--itself. It is a bit like a maze, only there is one, solid path. This path represents the "path of life" that we all follow. Now, remember, I'm just putting the story into my own terms, I don't worship this Labyrinth or anything. :) The path actually can bring you close to the end of the "maze" without you even being half done. The "end" is actually in the center, on most representations it is symbolized in a sun or flower-esque shape. The end symbolizes Heaven, "the final reward," whatever. But like I said, this Labyrinth is old. Real old. In Chartes there is what some people might call the "original" Labyrinth, except, it's not even close. It might be a different version, but it IS NOT the first Labyrinth. The center of the full-scale Labyrinth, big enough for one to walk on [that's the point--though it's long been barred off from would-be walkers do to wear and tear], was actually an inset metal seal. It is said to depict a Minotaur. This "seal" was stolen around the Middle Ages, it is speculated, by petty thieves or such.

Now to the Indy part: I was thinking--what if Indy had to track down the seal and place it in its original resting place. Perhaps by doing so it would uncover a secret chamber, in which the floor around the Labyrinth sinks far into the depths below, leaving only the "path" spiraling down towards the end. Perhaps this is were the "Portals of Peril" would come into play--Indy's "great reward" at the end of the path would be the divine knowledge of the Portals--but getting there wouldn't be easy--you could have any number of booby traps along the path, or perhaps one huge boulder, the image of a Minotaur's head carved into it, chasing Indy every step of the way. Whadda ya think?

An Indyfan with Plenty of Ideas,


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