Re: Well it happened for Star Wars WHY NOT INDY?

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Posted by pachysaur on September 19, 1997 at 15:27:52:

In Reply to: Re: Well it happened for Star Wars WHY NOT INDY? posted by Rik Duel on September 18, 1997 at 02:26:30:

: I'm of the same opinion. In fact I've spent a bit of time daydreaming about this. Imagine...
: KennerĘ
: Indiana JonesĘ: Fortune & Glory
: Action Figures.

: Wave One

: Indiana Jones(tm), with bullwhip and revolver
: Marion Ravenwood(tm), with pistol and headpiece to the staff of Ra
: Rene Belloq(tm), with machine gun and pistol
: Sallah(tm), with pistol
: Emil Toht(tm), with pistol and removable hat
: Colonel Dietrich(tm), with machine gun and pistol
: Arab Swordsman, with scimitar
: Nazi Soldier, with machine gun and pistol

: Wave Two

: Professor Henry Jones(tm), with briefcase and umbrella
: Short Round(tm), with sword
: battle weary Indiana Jones(tm), with bullwhip, sword and removable satchel containing Sankara stones

: Wave Three

: Mola Ram(tm), with removable headdress and human heart
: Thuggee warrior, with sword
: Willie Scott(tm), with sword

: Wave Four

: Doctor Elsa Schneider(tm), with pistol and grail diary
: Nazi mechanic, with wrench
: Hovitos Indian, with spear and blowgun
: Rene Belloq(tm) in Amazon gear , with removable pith helmet and golden fertility idol
: young Indiana Jones(tm), with cross of Coronado
: Marcus Brody(tm), with briefcase and pistol
: Lao Che(tm), with revolver and sacred burial urn of Nurhachi
: Arab thug, with axe-handle and scimitar

: Wave Five

: Walter Donovan(tm), with pistol and false grail
: Captain Katanga(tm), with pistol
: Marion Ravenwood(tm) in white dress, with knife
: Indiana Jones(tm) in Nazi disguise, with removable cap and bazooka
: Doctor Elsa Schneider(tm), in Nazi uniform with pistol
: Defender of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword(tm), with machine gun and pistol

: Wave Six

: Indiana Jones(tm) in tuxedo, with revolver
: Indiana Jones(tm) in Arab disguise with staff
: Satipo(tm), with rucksack and torch
: Grail Knight, with true grail

: and the list could go on...

My god! i'd love to have a little talking shortround doll!!!!!every time you pull the string on it's back it says "Okey Dokey Docta Jones, hold on to your potatos!" :-)

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