To "Editor": Yeah, and I'm a Brother of the Crusiform Sword

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Posted by Aaron on September 24, 1997 at 15:01:45:

In Reply to: Strange days indeed posted by Adam on September 24, 1997 at 07:43:05:

: : Well guys, I've been watching this forum since its creation and I'm shocked how reckless the Indyfans can be - just like your favourite hero. You all speculate on stupid things like Shangri-La and Kukuri but you never - NEVER! - mention that you HAVE the real script. I mean the Sons of Darkness. And if you know nothing, let me tell you:
: : Back in 1995 George Lucas wrote a story which was based on Noah's Ark legend. Lucasfilm hired Jeb Stewart to write a script, but the latter turned in something awful - Turkish soldiers versus Indy in quest of the Ark. Then they hired Jeff Boam of Crusade fame to rewrite the script. The first thing what Boam did was that he traveled to Turkey and lived there for almost a month. Then he wrote the Sons of Darkness. The one which you all have is just a first draft from him which afterwards was revised four(!) times. Boam was asked to make Stalin a villain (a secret leader of the Sect), to reduce the role of Abner and introduce Henry again. Boam was also to change the characters' names, to "upgrade" Captain Vladimirov to Major, etc. He had a lot of problems from the Turkish Cultural Society in the USA - the one which actually arranged his trip to Dogubeyazit - because of just mantioning Armenians in the script. Boam removed also that. Mark Hammil was asked to play Vladimirov and Antony Hopkins - Joseph Stalin.
: : I am really amazed how you swallow those stupid disinformation which is coming from you know who. I agree that Lucasfilm is watching this site veeery attentively and I even know that some of the characters in this forum are just their spies. This guy Ultra Seven is I presume a pen-name of some Lucasfilm rat who has been assigned just to spoil and mislead the forum. This Dentman too. And that guy Irakli who allegedly wrote the script - he does not exist at all! His site is all just fiction!

: : If you all knew WHERE I work, you will all faint.

: : See you all on Sons of Darkness Premiere!

: Dear "Editor"--

: What side of the rainbow did you get up on this morning? Yeah....and Elvis is alive and there are aliens working in Hollywood...

: How many times do we have to say that SONS OF DARKNESS IS NOT REAL!


: Here is why: 1.) The script was the product of a hopeful young screenwriter, who ADMITTED to posting the script on the web under Jeffrey Boam's name in several interviews 2.) LUCASFILM has stated that it was considering taking legal action against this individual (and rightly so; what he did was HIGHLY ILLEGAL, both in using a licensed character and under the pretenses of Jeff Boam -- VERY AGAINST THE LAW 3.) As to the script itself, I have seen a copy myself and tell you that IT DOES NOT FOLLOW THE APPROPRIATE STANDARD AMERICAN ACADEMY SCREENPLAY FORMAT. There are too many mistakes -- and Boam, a seasoned scriptwriter, would NOT do this.

: Of all the things I've heard on INDY IV, your post is the SILLIEST, SLIMIEST, most LACKING IN INTELLIGENCE that I have ever read!

: Jeez! If I were you, I'd ask for a brain for Christmas.

Hey Editor--

I won't say any names here, but does your "magazine" possibly supply to "enquiring minds"?

I can't say what script/rumor is right IF ANY, but attacking everyday posters to this site and calling them spies for Lucasfilm is JUST PLAIN WRONG. Even if you are right in some cases--which, by the way, can hardly be proven--they are people too, no matter what "affiliation" they have--fan or Lucasfilm.

If you want to hear rumors, fine, I often do as well. But they are RUMORS, or, one might say, just plain gossip.

Let's just count on Lucasfilm to give us another Indy blockbuster.


"My soul is's your's?"

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