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Posted by YodaBoy on September 25, 1997 at 19:39:52:

In Reply to: Re: Indiana Jones Roleplaying Games posted by Indy Anna Jones on September 24, 1997 at 20:02:13:

: Hi!
: What I want 2 know is... how the heck (well, I was
: thinking of a word more hevily in prophanic nature
: but have not dicipered if there is a censor or not
: yet) is a role playing game!!! Well, I mean, I
: know/I> what it is, but how doese it work? I
: wanna play 1 but the concept is just Byond me...
: Care 2 Xplane? I mean, U don't have 2 or
: NE thing...

A roleplaying game is just a more sophisticated version of the children's game, "Let's Pretend." It is often described as interactive storytelling. You and your friends assume the role of characters in the
story, and your choices and actions affect the tale's outcome.

In the Indiana Jones Roleplaying Game, you don't play the main characters from the films, but people like them. If you want to be
like Indy or Marcus, you play an archaeologist or a scholar.
The rules for the Indiana Jones Roleplaying Game all follow one basic idea:

Pick a difficulty number. If the character's roll is equal or higher, he succeeds.

In the Indiana Jones Roleplaying Game, one player (called a gamemaster) tells the others what their characters see and hear, and
portrays any "supporting characters" the players' heroes encounter. Sometimes maps, game pieces, props and miniature
vehicles are used, but most of the time the action takes place in the participants' imaginations. Combat, chases, and other
conflicts are resolved by simple rules involving the rolling of dice; the better the player rolls, the more successful his character
is at a particular task. Whether the character succeeds or fails at these tasks can dramatically change the story's outcome.

Any good story - in books, television or films - has characters, a setting, and conflict. The players portray the characters.
George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have provided the setting in the Indiana Jones movies you've seen - basically our world in the 1930s with a pulp twist. The gamemaster creates the conflict. When mixed
together, you get a good story.

It's a lot easier to show somebody how roleplaying games work than it is to describe one. If there are any comic or gaming stores nearby you can probably find a group of nerds who would be more than happy to show you how RPGs work :-). They all have different rules but follow the same basic format/idea of players assuming the roles of characters in a story where they determine the outcome. With a cool group of players RPGs can be a blast.

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