2 Aaron

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Posted by Indy Anna Jones on September 25, 1997 at 19:42:37:

In Reply to: Can't think of a title... posted by Aaron on September 25, 1997 at 17:42:22:

Anctually, I have 3 adresses... 1 of wich I have
conveniently added above. How old R U? I wasn't
born NEtime around 1977. Actually, 1984. I'm 13!
LOL! Well, almost 14 (I can drive at 14, U know!!!)
LOL! Oh, also, 4 NE1 who doesen't knows 411, LOL
means "Laughing ou Loud" and LMAO (have I used that?)
meas "Laughing my @$$ off". LOL! TOD ise my fave
movoie of the 3, 2! Short Rounds hilarous and- the
big plus plus- Indy takes of his shirt...(C Blow...LOL!)
No, actually I do not have a Mac. I use theese
spiffy little codes. Look what I
can do!!!!!
U just have 2 make
sure U turn them off... My pics, eh? Well, I have
been crusing the web like a little packrat 4 the last few
months looking 4 a shirtless Indy pic and have been
saving the addies of the other pics as I go...

I, 2, am a sectic. Although my best freind Sarah
(and my 2 REAL boy-freands would agree LOL!) calls
me pissy instead... LOL! Well, C Blow 4 the pics...
***Indy Anna Jones***
(Thats ME! But, actually, myu name isn't Anna....

My esteemed shirtless-Indy pic...

"I'll do it!!! Back off!" says Indy

Henry Jones, Jr- expert swords man...

Molirammm, Shivaramm, Moliramm...(Ei: Indy gets feeled up, but, interestingly enough, not by a female....)

Well, 1 sleeve down, half a shirt 2 go...

Once again, lets give him a round'a applause, folks...

Well, this is from raiders but its a nice face shot...
I have a few TLC, but they R currently out-of-ored do 2 me writing down the wrong addys...
PS- I have more pics but those R all from the same place and I'm 2 tired
2 type all the others out....

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