Is Kent Brockman Onto Something? Besides Crack?

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Posted by Ultra Seven 21 (Last Post For A While, Probably) on September 26, 1997 at 04:14:09:

Howdy Gang!
This board is getting crowded, but I am glad to see some genuine female Indy fans on here (I just Indy Anna could learn to type a little bit better and post a color easier to read than pink). Nonetheless, any of you single and good looking? (Hey, first things first, right?).

With business at hand - I also heard the same Indy 4 rumor that Kent heard (or made up and maybe I heard it from someone who got it from him). But a freind at UNLV was telling me he's working on a PBS travel show, and his partner is an aspiring actor who had read for a minor part in what he deduced to be the new Indy 4 movie - but this was about a year and a half ago. He told my freind that he was reading for a casting agency, but somehow learned that LFL execs were looking at his reading. The part was merely for a student who shouts something like "That was Professor Jones car!". He said he was given one page of script that had a couple of other insignificant lines on it and was marked as page fourteen. He got called back and was given three pages of script (all with early page numbers, but not in sequence) and one of them described 'Professor Jones' zooming out of his house at break neck speed in a Chevy! That was about it - he never got called back after four or five readings! I had been saying that maybe he was confusing it with one of those "Young Indy" TV shows or movies - but those had for the most part finished by then. He says he swears up and down that it could only have been for Indy 4. Could this be a junked script? I only read parts of 'Sons of Darkness' - it was so bad I couldn't take it. And you know what? I believe there really was a script with that title in LFL's hands (after all they sound like they have had at least ten scripts by now). Anyway - I never regarded it for much (and still don't) till I read Brockman's post - so I figured I would add fuel to the fire and see what else comes up!

Another thing (and not really related) Brockman said in a different post was that Mighty Mighty Bosstones should be in the next movie. I hadnt heard but 2 songs, but a freind dragged me to their concert at The Hard Rock Hotel on Tuesday. You know what? I AGREEE! I was NOT expecting that! I want to say they were hardcore (and way later than Indy's time that's for sure) but they were so JAZZY....those horns...SHEESH! I just bought not 1 but 3 of thier discs yesterday I liked em so much!!! If not them, then my other vote would be Royal Crown Review (if they are still a group), but then, they were already in a movie (they are the band that plays for Jim Carrery's dance in THE MASK), so my NEXT vote would be for Lyle Lovett and His Large Band - yeah definately!

Anyway folks - I don't mind reply's but for the love of god - erase all my stuff if you are going to!!!

Oh yeah, b4 I forget - I found out I will be going to England for a few weeks - this puts me out of Adam's Trivia Contest, about half of which I couldn't answer - so I will change my name when I get back, and I will also start posting episode-by-episode reviews of "Young Indidana Jones Chronicles" - get us all in the mood for the long awaited video releases! I'll see y'all then!

Packing my hat and bullwhip - The Poster Fomerly Known As Ultra Seven 21.

PS - I WISH I was a Lucasfirm spy! Lucas-ninja's please take me away!

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