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Posted by Adam on October 06, 1997 at 17:57:22:

In Reply to: Crossovers posted by Kent --- Brockmaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! on October 06, 1997 at 04:31:44:

: I've alwayws felt Jones lends himself pretty naturally to crossovers. The one I'd most like to have seen happen (at least in a comic or a novel) would have been with James Bond 007 in a story set in the late fifties.

That doesn't seem like such a bad idea...though they are very different in many respects, and their motivations for risking hell-or-high-water seem opposed to each other.

:Others include: Predator - Jones could be targeted by one of these nasties while in a jungle, and Jones tracks it's killings after finding the "trophies" in a site he was excavating! TARZAN - a natural, eh? CONAN: Jones discovers references to the Hyborian Age while trying to Re-discover the lost Atlantis! I powerful object hurls him into the age (or hurls Conan forth, probabbly the better idea)! BATMAN - Nah! What'd be the point? THE SAINT - apart from Bond, this would be the most natural, or even more natural - but that was discussed elsewhere. SHERLOCK HOLMES: Maybe. Young Indiana Jones is forced to listen to one of the old codger's reminisces, sparking the idea in Indy to do the same when he is oolder?

Well, I think one large part of the Indy films is that though they sometimes involve some kind of fantasy/mysticism or supernatural elements, they are very strongly rooted in a specific TIME AND PLACE which actually existed. To have Jones with, say, Batman or Predator seems ill suited and, well, it doesn't feel right -- though the possibilities with these characters can seem admittedly fascinating.

You need to have Indy with a character also strongly rooted in the same TIME and flavor. Again, Bond or the Saint might be more appropro, though trying to mesh their different goals together would be a challenge.

A best bet would -- and this was largely done with the YIJC tv series -- to have Indy meet with, say, 30's - 40's style characters. Sam Spade, Marlowe, ect... Even the Phantom seems a good choice -- he personifies that era...

Interesting to think about...good topic...

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